15th Aug 2019
fist with grass pushing out of brown paper bag

How Paper Bags are Saving the Planet

In a time where environmental damage is an enormous topic of conversation in the media, it is important that both people and businesses understand how they […]
2nd Aug 2019
several festive paper gift bags

7 Uses for Custom Paper Bags

In a day and age where environmental impact is constantly in the news and scientists are urging people to make changes in their daily lives to […]
31st Jul 2019
Kiki Bag designs

Understanding Your Custom Paper Bag Buying Options

So you’re planning an event and you want custom paper bags to create goodie bags for your guests? Well, here’s what you need to know when […]
19th Jul 2019

Custom Gift Bag Designs We Love

You would be surprised (but we wouldn’t) what a difference a paper bag can make to a personal or corporate gift. In the corporate field, a […]