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Customised Paper Bags in South Africa and the United Kingdom

When it comes to deciding on the perfect paper bag to brand for your products, launches or events – you can’t go wrong with a Kiki Bag! Our branded paper bags are made to client specification, in a finish of your choosing – with three handle finishing options to choose from. We use only renewable paper sources, making our bulk paper bags both eco-friendly and in line with current global environmental guidelines. Have a look at our available paper bags below, and click on the blue button to request a quotation! Got a question for us? Click on the blue strip below to contact us…

blue telkom bags with sting cord handles


Machine made bag or a handmade bag for the promotional buyer for that special product launch. All bags need to be hand finished, fitting your specifically chosen textile 5mm cord handle, with utmost care. Tops are folded (40mm) over for that extra refined finish and often have a DOUBLE fold over top for added strength. A pre-inserted and punched reinforcement board in the top fold is available for additional strength. Cord handle ends are knotted at each end so cord knots are unable to pull through punched holes.“T” tipped cord ends are available. Cord lengths, 300 mm / 750 mm. Special standard colours of your choice available (default is white).

branded paper bags with petersham ribbon


The new exclusive handle applied makes shopping bag exclusive. A new innovation with today’s modern textile materials. This new wide handle with 20mm textile tape ends are knotted at each end of punched holes so tape knots are unable to pull through punched holes. Tape lengths, 300 mm / 750 mm. Standard colours are available for short production quantity runs. There is a whole range of colours available to tone with your particular fashion colour.

red the oyster box paper bags with cut out handles


This simple paper shopping bag with the well known kidney cut out handle is selected for its rigid upright shape and “no” design distortion when it “walks down the street” with your message of a quality product. This marketing tool enables the message to achieve lasting recognition. An attractive shopping bag will always be retained and re-used, turning the packaging into “mobile advertising” status symbol and even a collector’s items. This paper reinforced (when applicable) handle shopping bag is a must for that deserving “elite” garment of quality, status and value