5 Unique Corporate Gift Bag Goodies
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Customisable Options for Your Business’ Paper Bags
8th April 2021

5 Unique Corporate Gifts

Editing ads that show poor qualityWhether your company’s birthday is coming up, you are hosting an event, increasing brand awareness, sending ‘thank you’ gifts to clients or just getting ahead on year-end client gifts, corporate gift bags are extremely important. Impress your clients or potential clients by gifting them corporate goodie bags filled with unique gifts. The Kiki Bag team is sharing their favourite corporate gift ideas that your clients will love.

Looking for some corporate gifts that your clients don’t already have a ton of? Here are 5 unique corporate gifts for your goodie bags. For more tips on brand awareness, environmentally friendly practices and how paper bags are the future for businesses, visit our blog.

1. Customised Gifts

Make your client’s feel appreciated and unique by having their gifts customised. From customised stationery, clothing and other goodies, make your corporate goodies unique to your client. Go one step further by getting the clients name printed on their paper goodie bag.

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2. A Pamper Kit

Depending on your target audience, you may want to spoil them with a few products that they can pamper themselves with. Skin treatments, facemasks, manicure/pedicure sets are always a success. Encourage your clients to look after themselves and promote wellbeing with a little bit of ‘me time’ products sponsored by your business!

3. Plants

If your business encourages the Going Green movement, why not gift clients pot plants? Pot plants are becoming increasingly popular and are super thoughtful gifts. We love the idea of gifting cute indoor plants in recyclable paper bags. Gone are the days of plastic-wrapped environmental-harming corporate gifts- we are all about going green!

4. Customised Face Masks

We don’t see masks going away any time soon, so why not use them to your advantage. Nowadays, we can never have too many facemasks, so why not get face masks custom-designed with your clients’ name and/or your business’ logo. Make them exciting by choosing unique patterns or a bold, exciting colour.

5. Gift Cards

If you are trying to avoid giving your clients the standard corporate gifts that they are likely to use once or twice before discarding, why not invest in something that they will use and enjoy. Gift cards are a great way to treat your clients to a memorable gift. Not only will they enjoy using the gift card, but they will remember your brand positively thanks to the idea of gifting them something that will be beneficial to them.

Get Your Customisable Paper Gift Bags from Kiki Bag

Why not gift your unique corporate gifts in a customisable paper bag? Create a striking recyclable gift bag with Kiki Bag and deliver your clients a gift that they won’t soon forget. Browse your options, request a quote or contact us today with more questions.

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