5 Ways to Reuse Paper Bags
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3rd March 2021
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Paper bags are becoming the packaging of choice for so many businesses due to their cost and lack of negative impact on the environment. You may find that you are starting to accumulate quite a collection of paper bags and are not quite sure what to do with them. Kiki Bag encourage the use of paper bags as opposed to plastic, as they are able to be reused and recycled. We are sharing 5 ways that you can reuse paper bags instead of simply recycling them.

How to Repurpose Paper Bags

If you are looking for crafty ways to reuse paper bags, Kiki Bag is sharing how. Visit our blog for more tips on how you can benefit from paper bags.

1. Donate Them

Thrift stores are all about sustainability through the selling of pre-loved items as an alternative to supporting large factory production of new items, which is putting desperate strain on our environment. By offering your old paper bags to thrift stores, you are helping their cause in saving the environment. Many thrift stores are also set up for a cause, such as the SPCA. By assisting them with packaging that they can use, they are cutting costs and saving more money for their cause.

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2. Custom Envelopes

If you are someone who likes writing letters for loved ones or want to add a personal touch to a gift, paper bags can be used to make customised envelopes. Have fun personalising them in ways that you think your friends and family will love.

3. Composting

Did you know that shredded paper bags can be used in compost? Wet shredded paper bag can also block weeds by serving as a makeshift mulch. By reusing paper bags to make compost, you are feeding you garden the nutrients it needs in an extremely cost-effective way.

4. Recycling Bags

Do you recycle old magazines and newspapers? Pop them into a paper bag for a wholly recyclable package that you can take to the recycling bins. Instead of spending ages unloading recyclable items, simply put the whole bag in.

5. Crafts

There so many great crafts that you can make with used paper bags. Our favourites are gift tags, book marks, scrapbook boarders and paper for handmade cards. Get creative in how you reuse your paper bags. They also make for great scrap paper for children.

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