Customisable Options for Your Business’ Paper Bags
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1st April 2021
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Customisable Options for Your Business’ Paper Bags

Customisable Options for Your Business’ Paper Bags

Do you have a promotion or event coming up where your brand needs customised paper bags to distribute gifts and freebies? Or maybe you want to simply switch from plastic to paper for your business’ packaging. There are so many ways that you can customise your bag to your requirements – Kiki Bag are sharing just 3 of the many options available for customisable paper bags.

How You Can Customise Your Paper Bags

Customisable paper bags are just what you need to establish brand awareness and do your bit for the environment. For more benefits of paper bags, visit the Kiki Bag blog.

1. The Handle

Customise your paper bag by selecting one of three options for the handle. Kiki Bag offer diverse options that you can choose between based on what the bags are for. Opt for a simple, no-nonsense soft cord handle, an elegant ribbon handle for those extra special events or a classy cut-out handle. The handle you choose strongly influences the overall look of your bag, as well as the message you are trying to convey.

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2. The Colour

When you hear ‘paper bag’, don’t for one second think that we are talking about plain brown bags that you put your groceries in. Kiki Bags offer you the option to have your branded bags in your business’ colours. These look extremely striking when you are promoting your brand at an event. Choose from sleek black, classic white or customise the bag with your brand’s colours.

3. The Paper and Size

Choose between standard paper or, for something more formal, paper with a matte or gloss lamination. The paper that you choose will also have an impact of the overall impression that you are wanting to make on the bag recipients. You can also decide on the size of the bag that will best suit what it will hold; why pay for a standard size bag that will only be holding small items like keyrings and pens.

Order Your Customised Paper Bag Today

Kiki Bag offer you the chance to improve your brand awareness through customisable paper bags. Order yours here or contact us for more information today.

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