Bulk Paper Bags: Who Needs Them?
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10th July 2017
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Bulk Paper Bags: Who Needs Them?

Did you know that more than half (53%) of people save and re-use their gift wrapping and gift bags? Bulk paper bags are used by many private and public entities for a wide range of applications, and more companies are realising the benefits of paper bags over the plastic variety year on year.

One need only look at the devastating effects plastic waste is causing along our precious coastlines to understand that we need a serious change in how we transport our groceries, gifts, gadgets and clothing. Kikibag looks at only a few industries that could greatly benefit from implementing eco-friendly bulk paper bags

Retail Outlets

If you shop for groceries for your family, you’ll know all about the age-old plastic packet battle. You go shopping, get your groceries packed neatly into a few plastic packets, and once you’ve unpacked them you vow to take the empty packets with next time – only to forget them at home.

The average South African household arguably takes ownership of well over 100 plastic packets a year, most of which are thrown away and either end up polluting a landfill – or get blown to the coast where they end up as whale food. Retail outlets could make a HUGE difference to plastic pollution prevention by offering bulk paper bags to patrons instead.

Corporate Entities

When corporations host events, like trade shows or award evenings, favour bags are often given out as a show of good faith. These are usually filled with a range of practical goodies that event attendees usually pass off onto their families as they get home.

By utilising bulk paper bags instead of the plastic variety – especially bio-degradable paper bags – the company is showing its stakeholders that environment conservation is something they are aware of and support. Paper bags also have a better chance of being reused, which is further brand exposure for the company.


While some pharmacies have already moved across to offering medication to patrons in paper bags, many still utilise the plastic variety. It’s a smaller plastic bag, so it isn’t that bad, right? Wrong. Smaller plastic bags are easier to swallow for cows, goats and sheep who subsequently (in many cases) die from asphyxiation.

By utilising bulk paper bags for medication transportation, pharmacies can do their bit to reduce the plastic pollution that plagues South Africa – while receiving greater brand exposure should patrons reuse the paper bags for whatever reason.

Hospitality Industry

Many hotels provide complimentary arrival packs when guests check in, containing important information and one or two branded goodies. More often than not these arrival packs are contained in plastic packets; usually making their way to a rubbish bin before long.

By utilising stunning branded bulk paper bags instead of the plastic variety, hotels offer patrons a reusable bag that they can use when shopping while they’re on holiday. This is a great way to further increase exposure for the establishment, and the nicer the paper bag the greater the chance of it being reused!

Bulk Paper Bags in South Africa

Looking for bulk paper bags for an event, for your retail store, or for a promotion? Kiki Bag is proud to be changing the world for the better, by offering affordable bulk paper bags as alternatives to plastic bags in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Get a free quotation on our branded paper bags by clicking right here. Kiki Bag, we’re the difference.

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