How Brands Can Get Personal With Consumers
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26th April 2019
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14th May 2019

Personalising your marketing strategies implies that your brand will collect data from your customers and use this data to create customised marketing experiences for them. The data you collect allows you to target specific customers and often results in increased sales and longevity of brand-customer relationships. Personalisation can be integrated into many types of marketing, from emails to social media and more.

Start By Collecting Data

To get started with personalisation you first need to collect data from your customers. You can collect data from your customers in a number of ways, both in store and online: surveys, polls and questionnaires can help you get to know who is buying your product, what they like, what they dislike, where they live and more. The data you collect helps you to visualise your typical customer, by looking at the average most popular answers across your data collection media.

Use Data to Target Audiences

With this data, you can start to personalise your marketing campaigns to specific audiences. You can combine your data collection with an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to use your audience’s interests and their buying habits to offer them deals and discounts you know they will enjoy. For example, offering your customers offers that are relevant to their suburb or state will encourage them to pop around to a store, knowing that it is nearby. Knowing that your audience likes movies allows you to make pop-culture references, which your customers will enjoy and become more enamoured of your brand.

Build a Deeper Customer Relationship

Personalisation in marketing can help your brand to forge deeper and more enduring relationship with its customers. Personalisation shows the customer that you care about them and their preferences and shows your gratitude. Go the extra mile to send birthday emails every year. Give small discounts on the anniversary of their first visit or purchase. These small acts make a big difference.

Humanise Your Business

Most consumers are sick of the ‘corporations’ that govern the modern consumerist market. More and more, the average customer wants to support smaller businesses where they feel like they are supporting a genuine cause. Capitalise on this trend by humanising your brand and creating an identity for it. Make sure that you include a working reply-to address in your automated emails, so that your customers can ask questions and give feedback. Show who makes your brand tick by including behind the scenes footage and pictures of your staff on social media. Let your customers know that your business is run by real people, just like them.

Create Custom Branded Material

Make your brand your own by immersing your branding material into your packaging and store decor. By creating a consistent brand image, you create trust with your customers and gain traction in your market. A great way to do this is to use branded paper shopping bags which not only display your branding beautifully, but reduce your carbon footprint.

For more branding and marketing inspiration, take a look at the Kiki Bag blog. We care about your business, and how it affects the world we live in!

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