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Top 5 Reasons to Use Paper Shopping Bags
24th October 2018
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14th November 2018

The Earth is under a lot of strain from our horrible manufacturing and consumption habits and we need to help her deal with her unbearable load. To spread the knowledge, Kiki Bag have put together the eco-friendly tips below so that you, too, can run a greener business.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficient lighting is a broad term for a number of products and habits you can introduce that reduce the energy consumption of your business premises. Firstly, ensure that you are switching off all your lights before heading home every day – there is absolutely no need to leave them on for the ants. Install energy efficient LED globs throughout your workplace to enjoy a long lifespan and low energy consumption. This has the added benefit of saving you a ton of money.

Stop Printing Handouts

A lot of business meetings begin and end with a stack of paper handouts distributed to the attendees, and this is just a waste of time, money and precious resources. With the age of technology long underway, we can use our gadgets to replace paper, by emailing handouts to attendees before hand or projecting the notes onto a screen during the proceedings. The same goes for memos, newsletters and the like – you can go as far as to send your promotional material to an electronic database or consider digital marketing to propagate your business.

Reduce Water Usage

Climate change is a looming darkness over all of us, and many, many countries have been struggling with draught conditions for a few years, if not decades. So bad, in fact, that towns and cities across the globe are facing strict water conditions.

Reducing your water usage and wastage is a valuable step in the green process, and also saves you money, if saving the planet wasn’t convincing enough. Here are a number of easy ways you can reduce your water use:

  • Fix leaky and faulty taps, toilets and pipes
  • Use xerophytic plants in your business landscaping
  • Use Energy Star rated appliances, particularly laundry appliances
  • Use high-efficiency pressure washers for cleaning jobs

Recycle Your Electronics

If your business is replacing electronic devices that are less than five years old, it is likely that another less fortunate organisation could make use of them. From computers to monitors to smartphones, consider donating your older electronics to a needy organisation to help them continue running.
Alternatively, research whether your electronics provider has special recycling objectives where the parts can be repurposed and recycled, instead of chucked on a landfill.

Cloud Computing is Eco-Friendly

Cloud computing is a fantastic solution for small businesses, as it is often more accessible, more scalable and much more environmentally friendly than having expensive server equipment that consumers energy. You can use cloud computing applications such as Google Apps, Apple iCloud and Microsoft Office 365 to take care of your data storage and thus enhance communication and collaboration in your business.

Use Recyclable Packaging

The most quick and convenient change you can make is to stop buying single-use plastic bags for your products and start handing your amazing wares over to customers in branded paper shopping bags. Not only is the overall impression of your business improved with these sleek and attractive bags, but your branding is carried out into the world by your customer, and your recyclable paper bags do not harm the environment. Our paper bag solutions are made from recyclable and renewable materials so we can ensure an eco-friendly solution for you.

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