How to Give Your Branded Paper Bags a Festive Touch
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How to Give Your Branded Paper Bags a Festive Touch

When the festive season arrives, all businesses need to adapt their service and merchandise in a variety of ways. Branded paper bags are fun ways to embrace the holiday season and be more creative with your design.

At Kiki Bag, all our bags are customisable, so you can add your own personal, festive touch.

How to Make Your Festive Branded Paper Bags Perfect

Looking for festive inspiration? Here are some great tips for designing your seasonal bags. More inspiration can be found on our blog page.

1. Use Festive Colours

A simple colour change can really help your bag to stand out and mark it as a different bag for the festive season. Think of bold and eye-catching colours for the season, like red or green.
If your branded bags usually come in a festive-type colour, then think of any other festive colour which is different from your usual, such as gold or silver.

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2. Give Your Brand Logo a Festive Twist

You want your brand logo and name to still be recognisable, but there’s nothing wrong with giving it a festive spin. Change the colour of the logo itself to a festive colour, or think about simple additions, such as a Christmas Tree within the design or at the end of your business brand name.

3. Add a Little Extra

Make your branded bags extra special with additional features. If your branded bag usually has a cut-out handle, why not try adding a festive satin ribbon to tie off the bag?

4. Include Seasonal Opening Hours

It’s always handy for customers to know when their favourite brands and businesses are going to be open over the festive season. Adding a little more information on your festive bags detailing your seasonal opening hours can be a welcome touch to any bag.

Customise Your Branded Festive Bags with Kiki Bag

Spread the festive cheer with the perfect branded bag. Contact us with any questions about your festive bag design.

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