Paper Bag vs Gift Wrap – Which Is Better?
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When it comes to gift-giving, the first thought we often make is to present it in gift wrap. This can increase the anticipation and makes a gift look like a gift – but it isn’t the only option. When you consider the environmental impact of gift wrap, as well as how impractical it is, there are many reasons why the paper bag is the better option for packaging. At Kiki Bag, our 100% biodegradable bags are the perfect choice, which we explore in more in detail below.

Paper Bag

The paper bag has many pros and few cons, as outlined below and on our blog.

Pros of Paper Bags

There are so many pros to using paper bags over gift wrap, especially when you choose a sustainably produced and customized option like the ones available from Kiki Bag. Businesses can treat customers like it’s their birthday, and individuals can find great paper (and fully recyclable bags) for gift giving.

  1. Comes in a Variety of Styles
  2. Is Easy to Find Sustainably
  3. Recyclable
  4. Can be Accessorised with Eco-Friendly Materials, Inside and Out
  5. Easily Portable
  6. Reusable

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Cons of Paper Bags

When it comes to the cons of the paper bag, they are:

  1. No Ripping Open Involved
  2. Need to Find the Correct Size for Items to Fit
  3. Not Waterproof

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is an old, traditional way to present gifts or packages to loved ones and customers. It can be fun and stylish, but it also has a few cons to keep in mind.

Pros of Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper can look beautiful. Wrapped presents are a very iconic look, especially around Christmas, which makes wrapping paper popular.

  1. Comes in a Variety of Styles
  2. Can be Manipulated to Fit Size and Shape of Gift
  3. Adds Anticipation

Cons of Wrapping Paper

In terms of its environmental impact, however, wrapping paper is one of the worst parts of any holiday or birthday. Most of it is covered in a plastic film that makes it impossible to recycle and can actually hurt a recycling plants productivity. Every year millions of tons of wrapping paper waste ends up in landfill as well, where, if covered in plastic, it cannot decompose and instead has a future of microplastics to look forward to.

  1. Isn’t Recyclable
  2. Causes Millions of Tons in Waste

Choose Paper, use Kiki Bags

Paper bags are recyclable, can be beautifully accessorised, are reusable and are easy to transport – making them the perfect option for customers or for gift recipients. Whilst wrapping paper is gorgeous and iconic, the environmental impact is distressing. Why not call us today to discuss our paper bags options?

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