How Branded Paper Bags Trump Plastic Bags
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28th May 2018
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11th June 2018

Single-use plastic is slowly on its way out, and we at Kiki Bag are all for it. The benefits of branded paper bags extend from the impression of your brand to the role your brand can play in socially responsible thinking and eco-friendly movements. We have put together some benefits for you to consider about how our recyclable bags can renew your brand and contribute to a healthier, brighter future for everyone.

A Brand Facelift

One of the benefits of branded paper bags is the instant facelift they give your brand. Branded paper bags give the illusion of an upmarket brand, with the time and consideration to create beautiful packaging for their products. Single-use plastic is noisy, crumpled and unfriendly to the environment, where paper bags are none sleek and uninterrupted in delivering your brand message. Overall, your brand will benefit from the impression that paper packaging gives.

Socially Responsible Packaging

Kiki Bag only produces branded paper bags that are eco-friendly in every respect. The entire bag – apart from the soft cord itself or the Petersham tape satin ribbon – is biodegradable and easily recycled to contribute to the eco-friendly movement. We prioritise the implementation of eco-friendly elements wherever we can, which is why we say that single-use plastic is out! Branded paper bags are the way forward for socially responsible brands, and your customers will appreciate the effort to conserve energy and the planet for generations to come.

Comfortable Feel, Clear Message and Classy Marketing

Kiki Bag produces branded paper bags from modern textiles that have more durable and comfortable handles for the satisfaction of you and your customers. The design of our bags is such that your branding design is not distorted by shifting and contorting plastic folds and is instead always on show for clearer brand recognition as your customers go about their days. Further, one of the marketing benefits of branded paper bags is that they give the impression of a high-quality and caring brand, which will enamour customers – existing and new – of your brand.

Kiki Bag are committed to providing eco-friendly, elevated branding solutions for you and your brand. Allow your customers to form positive impressions of quality and social responsibility of your brand and be a constant and consistent marketing technique on your behalf. Single-use plastic is out, Kiki Bag is in! Contact us today to chat about how we can help you.

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