How Paper Bags Can Save Our Planet
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15th August 2017
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15th September 2017

How Paper Bags Can Save Our Planet

With the millions and millions of kilograms of plastic products that we are pumping into our fragile environment each year, it’s no wonder our planet is facing a serious plastic pollution crisis in almost all biomes. Simple choices, such as refusing plastic straws with soft drinks or opting for paper bags instead of plastic, can reduce our plastic pollution and begin to reverse the damage. Here’s how choosing paper bags can save our planet…

Paper Bags Are Biodegradable

The biggest benefit of using paper bags over the plastic variety is that paper bags are actually biodegradable. This means that, should they find their way to the ocean, they’ll take a few hours to be reduced to a pulp that can be digested by the aquatic life in the area, or simply sink to the bottom of the ocean. Likewise, paper bags that make their way to open fields will eventually be rained on, also turning into a pulp that actually fertilizes the soil.

Animals Can Digest Paper Bags

Another big issue with plastic bag pollution is that they end up being nibbled on by grazing livestock. In South Africa, where many goats and cows roam freely throughout the townships, many animals end up ingesting sections of plastic packets that could lead to serious injury for the animal – often causing a slow and painful death. If an animal happens to ingest a paper bag that has not been treated with any chemical compounds, it will pass freely through their digestive system and become fertilizer.

Paper Bags Have More Reuses

A third way that paper bags can save our planet is in the many reuse applications they have when compared to plastic bags. Paper bags can be used in and around the house, including to store shoes and clothing, when planting trees and bushes, and the prettier paper bags can be used in scrapbooking and thrifty birthday card development. For a fun article on reusing your used paper bags, check out thrifty ideas for recycling paper gift bags.

Choose the Planet – Choose Paper Bags

Take a huge step towards effective environmental conservation by choosing paper bags over the plastic variety. Should you have a corporate event or occasion that requires branded gift bags, choose paper bags from Kiki Bag. Our paper is obtained from sustainable sources, and are eco-friendly. Get in touch with Kiki Bag here for all your bulk paper bag needs!

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