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Shop Smart: Eco-Friendly Shopping Habits to Learn

The supermarket is possibly the bane of the environmentally conscious persons existence! A ton of plastic bags, double wrapped fruits and veg, and polystyrene as far as the eye can see. The local grocery store has become a plastic hell which needs to be reformed, and we are going to show you how. Take a look at these eco-friendly shopping habits you can form today to contribute to more sustainable living.

Cloth Produce Bags

When picking your loose fruits and vegetables out of the baskets and bins, consider using a lovely cloth produce bag instead of the flimsy plastic sleeves dispensed nearby. Produce bags can be used over and over again and carried easily once you’ve weighed up and paid for your yummy veg!

Reusable Shopping Bags

It may seem like a chore to pay the few Rand for a reusable shopping bag, but when you consider the number of sea turtles you will save by not feeding them floating plastic, surely the cost is negligible! Plastic shopping bags are nowhere near as strong and dependable as a reusable shopping bag, which we know your favourite store has in stock.

Non-Plastic Packaging

As the consumer, there is a degree of power that lies in your lap. There are many cases where you can elect to forego the plastic packaging that so many things are drowned in today. For example, some of your favourite stores and boutiques may offer branded paper bags to place your purchases in. This simple alternative is usually recyclable and biodegradable, unlike its plastic compatriots.

Planning Your Transport

One factor that a lot of shoppers may overlook is the carbon emissions it took to get them to the shops in the first place. Popping to the shops every other day for a couple items may seem more convenient on your wallet but consolidating your groceries into one or two monthly trips is a little kinder to the environment. Furthermore, consider carpooling with your friends or parents to do your shopping, to save on emissions.

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