Why Your Store Needs Branded Christmas Bags
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Is Paper Really Better Than Plastic?
13th Nov 2017
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15th Dec 2017

Are you the owner of a store, or work at a store selling goods to customers? Then this blog article is for you!

With the festive season in full swing, we at Kiki Bag thought we’d share why you should be utilising branded Christmas bags – opting for paper instead of plastic – and how doing so could benefit your company.

But before you read the below, here’s an interesting article titled, Is Paper Really Better Than Plastic?

Support the Spirit

Depending on where exactly your store is located, and the society it serves, using branded Christmas bags instead of regular plastic bags could improve your brand image something crazy!

Everyone loves Christmas (even those who don’t celebrate it), so packaging sold products in festive paper bags will resonate with your customers and they in turn will attach positive associations to your brand and its products.

Protect the Environment

Show your company cares about things like pollution, animal welfare, and its carbon footprint by choosing branded Christmas bags in paper this festive season.

If you read the article above on whether paper is really better than plastic or not, you’ll have discovered that both pollute the planet in their own ways.

However, paper is biodegradable and won’t get stuck in an animal’s digestive system. So, should your customers trash your festive paper bags, you can rest easy that they’ll turn into biodegradable pulp before long.

Free Brand Exposure

The number one benefit of using branded paper bags this Christmas period, and it doesn’t require an imagination stretch to see why.

Paper gift bags have a better chance of being reused than their plastic counterparts, and if you design a REALLY nice branded Christmas bag, your customers might even use them when packaging gifts.

This means that your branded paper bag will be seen by more and more people, instead of just sitting in someone’s under-sink cupboard.

Imagine all the places your brand might go!

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