Why Your Store Needs Branded Christmas Bags
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Is Paper Really Better Than Plastic?
13th November 2017
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Fun Festive Paper Bag Ideas
15th December 2017

Are you a store owner or someone working in retail, catering to customers during the bustling holiday season? If so, this blog post is tailored just for you!

As the festive spirit envelops us all, the team at Kiki Bag believes it’s the perfect time to shed light on the advantages of incorporating branded Christmas paper bags into your business operations, as opposed to sticking with plastic alternatives. Discover how this choice could potentially boost your company’s success.

But before we delve into the details, you might find it intriguing to explore an informative article titled, Is Paper Really Better Than Plastic?

Support the Spirit

Depending on your store’s specific location and the community it caters to, opting for branded Christmas bags over standard plastic ones can have a remarkable impact on your brand’s reputation!

Christmas is universally adored, with even those who don’t observe the holiday enjoying its festive spirit. By packaging your products in charming holiday-themed paper bags, you can establish a deep connection with your customers. This connection will lead them to associate your brand and its products with positivity and joy.

Protect the Environment

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, including reducing pollution, promoting animal welfare, and minimizing its carbon footprint, by opting for branded paper Christmas bags this holiday season. If you’ve already read the previous article discussing the ecological merits of paper versus plastic, you’re aware that both materials have their environmental impacts.

Nevertheless, paper stands out as a biodegradable option that poses no threat to wildlife’s digestive systems. Therefore, if your customers eventually dispose of your festive paper bags, you can take comfort in knowing that they will naturally break down into biodegradable pulp over time. This eco-friendly choice reflects your dedication to a greener and more sustainable future.

Free Brand Exposure

The number one benefit of using branded paper bags this Christmas period, and it doesn’t require an imagination stretch to see why.

Paper gift bags have a better chance of being reused than their plastic counterparts, and if you design a REALLY nice branded Christmas bag, your customers might even use them when packaging gifts.

This means that your branded paper bag will be seen by more and more people, instead of just sitting in someone’s under-sink cupboard. Imagine all the places your brand might go!

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