3 Benefits of Using Paper Bags in the Food Industry
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7th Jan 2021
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Paper bags in the food industry are becoming increasingly popular and we know why! Moving away from plastic bags is a no-brainer in most industries, especially due to the negative impact that plastic has on the environment. Kiki Bag are sharing 3 benefits of switching from plastic to paper in the food industry.

Why Switch From Plastic to Paper?

Here are just 3 of the most popular reasons food establishments are switching from paper to plastic. Visit our blog to find out more benefits of paper bags.

1. Environmentally Friendly

If you own a restaurant, café, deli or bakery, you most likely like to be associated with positive reviews. Using paper bags shows that your establishment is committed to helping preserve our planet. This is becoming an aspect that the public is more and more concerned with, therefore, your establishment will already be a cut above the rest.

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2. It’s Cost-Effective

Paper bags are known to be easy, as well as cheaper, to produce- why are people still using plastic? Not only are these cheaper, but they are also extremely durable and resilient, contrary to popular belief. Therefore, you have no reason to not make the switch.

3. Optimises Brand Awareness

Paper bags are ideal packaging to spread brand awareness. Unlike plastic bags that crease and fold when carried, paper bags display company branding much more effectively. Brand recognition is extremely important for a business. Get your paper bags customised to display your business’ colours and logo, as well as any promotional information you may want to share.

Order Your Paper Bags From Kiki Bags

Paper bags are a great packaging solution in the food industry. Order yours from Kiki Bag and better your establishment all round! Get in touch today.

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