5 Eco-Friendly Companies Changing the World
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5th July 2018
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17th August 2018

5 Eco-Friendly Companies Changing the World

The shift towards environmentally conscious manufacturing and retailing is quickly spreading around the word – and for good reason. Climate change is an incredible problem facing the human race at present, and these five companies are doing their best to encourage sustainable living and consumer behaviours.

1: Beautiful Biodegradable Sneakers

Amsterdam-based company OAT is saving the world one hop, skip and jump at a time with their revolutionary biodegradable sneakers. OAT combine excellent craftmanship with eco-friendly materials to create their sneakers, bags, leather loafers and baby shoes. Once you feel you have worn out your OAT shoes, you simply use them as a planter where they will biodegrade as flowers sprout from their fibres. Making the world a healthier and more beautiful place has never been easier – traditional sneakers can be donated to the needy, whilst OAT sneakers can join your garden.

2: Super Solar Energy with Technion

A team of researched at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology are changing the solar energy industry as we speak. Technion have created solar cell technology that is a whopping twenty per cent more effective than current top-of-the-range alternatives. Where traditional solar cells convert around thirty per cent of solar energy into usable electrical energy, where Technion’s cells yield fifty percent. This company is working towards more effective eco-friendly solutions in an effort to minimise the impact of modern life on the planet.

3: Minimising Environmental Pressures in the Meat Industry

Climate change is undoubtedly the biggest problem facing current generations, as it poses a huge threat to the propagation of mankind. This, we know. But did you know that the meat industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change?

It is estimated that animal agriculture is responsible for eighteen per cent of greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than the exhaust from all transportation combined. To combat this, Los Angeles based company Beyond Meat is creating plant-based ‘meat’ products that are more nutritious for us humans, better for the environment and of course, for the livestock.

4: A Tea Company that Takes Things Seriously

The mission of social enterprise Numi Tea is working towards a better and brighter future in more ways than one. Numi Tea extends their calming and holistic values into the environmental realm by using only sustainable packaging, making donations to environmental non-profit organisations, tracking their carbon emissions and more.
Not only this, but Numi Tea is part of a group of CEOs and business leaders from sustainably-focused industries that are dedicated to improving sustainability across myriad industries.

5: Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

Kiki Bag join other eco-friendly companies in making a contribution to the environmental-consciousness movement by supplying a load of companies worldwide with branded paper bags, ideal for shopping bags and gift bags. Kiki Bag consistently produces biodegradable, recyclable paper bags that can be safely reused as well. Our efforts are focused mainly on joining the plastic-free movement by providing retailers with eco-friendly packaging solutions that double as effective portable branding items.

You can contact us today to chat about our contribution to the eco-friendly movement and how our branded paper bags can benefit your business.

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