How to Use Branded Paper Bags as a Marketing Tool
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How to Use Branded Paper Bags as a Marketing Tool

Branded paper bags have a number of benefits for consumers and producers alike, particularly in the branding and marketing sphere. In this blog, Kiki Bag will describe the ways in which you can use branded paper bags as a marketing tool to gain customers, retain customers, and get the most bang for your buck.

A Constant Reminder of Your Brand

The first and foremost benefit of branded paper bags is the fact that every customer who makes a purchase and takes it home in your bag will have a reminder of the quality of their purchase, and thus be encouraged to return to your business. A study has shown that customers are more satisfied with their purchase when they carry it away in a branded paper bag, and this tool plays a large role in their loyalty to your brand.

A great idea to encourage repeat business is to offer a small incentive to customers who reuse your branded shopping bags in your store. This reward could be a small discount on their purchase, or something to that effect. This technique not only encourages the reuse of your branded paper bags, but translates into repeat purchases for your business.

Branded Paper Bags Yield Good Return on Investment

Marketing campaigns are usually thought of as lengthy, complex and expensive processes, but they needn’t be with Kiki Bag and our branded paper bags. By ordering our branded shopping bags and implementing them in your store or exhibition stand, you are investing in a portable marketing tool that your customers will carry around with them for the rest of the day, and potentially reuse a multitude of times. This means that the number of eyes your bags can be spotted by extends way past the number of direct transactions you facilitate! In this way, return on investment for our branded paper bags is very high.

Our Branded Shopping Bags Show Eco-Friendly Commitment

If your business states that it is environmentally conscious, a great way to back it up is to implement an eco-friendly packaging solution. Millions of businesses globally are rejecting single use plastics in an effort to reduce pollution, and our branded paper bags fit the bill! A study by Hartman Group showed that 64 percent of their respondents said it was important for packaging to be recyclable, and thus eco-friendly, which influenced their purchasing decisions.

Stay in tune with the modern consumer market and chat to us about how we can customise your branded paper bags to get you a whole lot more bang for your buck.

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