5 More Ways to Help your Business Go Green
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There are so many benefits your business will experience when you make the decision to go green. Besides the obvious benefits, which is a healthier planet leading to a healthier environment for us, you are also appealing to the public which will result in more business. Due to society becoming increasingly more aware on the state of our planet, people are looking for businesses that care.

How Your Business Can Go Green

Here are a few more ways you can help your business go green:

1. Use Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products

As amazing as most cleaning products smell, they are toxic for the environment, as well as your body. These cleaning products include hand and dish soaps, bathroom and window cleaners. There is a significant price increase, however most products have been concentrated and will last for a longer period. By switching to environmentally-friendly cleaning products you are encouraging a healthier office environment, a healthier planet, less allergic reactions and better health.

At Kiki Bag, we recommend employees bring their own mug to work, to prevent paper cups from being excessively used.

2. Discourage Office ‘Must-haves’

Popular office ‘must-haves’ include water bottles, coffee, paper towels in the bathrooms and bought lunches. Encourage your office staff to bring their own water bottles and mugs, to avoid regularly buying paper cups and plastic bottles. Invest in hand dryers for the bathroom, instead of paper towels, and provide enough fridge space and a microwave so that employees can bring their own lunch instead of buying hot meals in plastic or polystyrene containers.


3. Reduce Paper Usage

One of the easiest ways to go green is to reduce the amount of paper your use. Cut-back on the amount of printing you do and try use email as much as possible. When printing is a necessity, get employees to print on both sides of the paper and reuse paper for personal notes. If you have newspapers and paper that cannot be reused, provide the office with a recycling bin.

4. Make the Changes to Your Lights

Swapping to LED lights use a lot less energy than normal lights, plus they do not contain toxic gases or mercury. LED lights, like biodegradable cleaning products, are significantly more expensive upfront, however they last up to five times longer than the average lightbulbs. Light timers are also a great energy saver, as these operate on motion sensors, which means that lights would switch off automatically when nobody is in the room. Good access to natural light reduces the need for artificial light, so desks should be placed near windows, and windows unobstructed by blinds or curtains where possible

5. Switch to Recyclable & Environmentally-Friendly Brand Packaging

If your business requires packaging, or you regularly send out corporate gifts, the best thing you can do is invest in environmentally-friendly packaging. Kiki Bags are 100% recyclable, customizable and great for promotions, packaging, gifts and sponsorship. Cut-back on your businesses amount of plastic in the world by switching to branded paper bags.

Get your Eco-Friendly Brand Packaging Today

We care about going green and so should you- order your branded, environmentally-friendly bags and take a step in the right direction to positively contribute to the health of our planet. Call us today and we will be happy to assist you in designing a branded bag perfect for your company.

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