The Ultimate Corporate Gift-Giving Guide
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Corporate gifts are a small way in which companies show their appreciation for their clients. This is beneficial for both parties, as customers feel appreciated and businesses are able to show they care and value their customers loyalty. There is no official guideline on what to gift your clients, however there is a guideline on how to ensure your corporate gift is a beneficial advertising opportunity for your company.

How to Choose a Perfect Corporate Gift

There are 3 things you need to remember when choosing a gift for your company’s clients:

Ensure it is Useful

When gifting a corporate gift, you want to ensure that, whatever it is, it is useful for the recipient. You want to give your loyal clients and customers a gift that they will use regularly and, due to regular use, will be a constant reminder of your company. A good idea for a useful gift could be a mug, a stationary set, diary or a calendar. These items are for everyday use and will be worth the investment. Useful, everyday items are also free advertising for your brand, as your brand will be noticeable for anyone who interacts with the recipient of the gift.

Invest in Quality

Once you have decided on a gift for your clients, you want to ensure that you are investing in your brands name by choosing products that are good quality. Corporate gifts reflect of your company’s appreciation of its clients, therefore you do not want to skimp. Whilst it is important to remain within your budget, ensure that the gift you have chosen is of a certain quality that will not be a waste of money due to it breaking within the first few uses and not be a negative reflection on your company.

Brand It

The most important thing to remember when sending corporate gifts is to have your brand name on the item, as well as on the packaging. You want to ensure your gift is useful, so make a point to have you brand’s name clearly visible, to remind your client of their loyalty to your company, as well as advertise your brands name to others. Branded packaging adds the professional touch you need for your company to give their brand the extra promotional push.

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