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Are you hosting a major corporate event in the near (or distant future) that you are currently planning? Fortunately, there are so many things that you can do to guarantee a memorable event. This is a golden opportunity for your business to make use of corporate branding. Kiki Bags are sharing 3 tips on how to ensure your event is profitable for your business.

3 Ways to Make Your Corporate Event a Memorable One

Ensure you throw an event that your clients, or future clients, will have in the front of their mind for ages. Visit our blog to learn more ways that you can make use of corporate branding to better your business.

1. Make the Event Appealing to Your Target Audience

It isn’t enough nowadays to simply plan and deliver an event- you need to make the vent appealing to the potential attendees. Advertising the events most appealing features, such as inspirational speakers or brand collaborations, are a great way to draw a crowd and get a hype. Remember to aim it at the right audience. For example, an event aimed at teens should not have a boring public speaker.

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2. Create a Sense of Intimacy

Encourage your attendees to mingle through tasteful activities. If multiple people successfully network or form new business relationships, or even friendships, your event and brand will automatically be positively associated.

3. Distribute Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are a great incentive to get people to attend, especially if they are filled with great freebies from your company or the event sponsors. Regardless of whether you have fab freebies or not, goodie/gift bags are a great way to sneak in some last-minute corporate branding that attendees can take home as a reminder. Gift bags, such as Kiki Bag’s paper bags, with your company’s logo, look appealing and will keep your brand in the attendees mind long after the event is over. Extra points if you put some useful branded goodies inside the bag.

Let Kiki Bag Help Make Your Event Memorable Today

If you are looking for quality paper bags that can be customised with your brand’s logo, Kiki Bag are the perfect choice. Contact us today for a quote on your event’s branded gift bags.

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