Benefits of Eco-Friendly Branded Paper Bags
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7th April 2017

Did you know that plastic products kill over 1 million sea birds, and over 100,000 mammals, each year? Winds blow light-weight plastic products, such as shopping bags, into our precious oceans – and plastic is now the largest source of ocean litter. The good news is that countries all over the world are either imposing heavy taxes on plastic bags or banning them altogether. Keeping the global plastic pollution epidemic in mind, Kiki Bag has opted for eco-friendly paper obtained from renewable sources for the manufacture of our branded paper bags. So, let’s have a look at the four benefits of using eco-friendly branded paper bags for your next corporate event.

Paper Bags Are Reusable

Think about what happens to the plastic bags you are given your groceries in. We always threaten to take them back when next we do our household shopping, but never do. Instead, they pile up at home, only to be thrown away and taken to a landfill site. Beautifully-branded paper bags are in a class of their own – sturdy enough to be used and reused for a number of years, preventing the need for excessive plastic bag use. They look much better than plastic bags, the branding does not fade as quickly as a plastic packet, and fold into themselves for easy storage and transportability.

Paper Bags Save the Planet

As mentioned in the introduction, plastic pollution is not only killing animals of all shapes and sizes literally on a daily basis, but it is also toxifying our fragile oceans and beaches. Yes, using paper bags instead of plastic packets helps a great deal, but what about the deforestation committed in order to source the paper for the bags? Opting for paper bags instead of plastic is not enough – one needs to consider the eco-friendliness of the paper bags used. At Kiki Bag, 90% of our raw materials are locally sourced right here in KwaZulu-Natal – and our paper comes from FSC-accredited paper mills.

Paper Bags Show That You’re Green

In this modern eco-friendly global socioeconomic climate, businesses that are ‘green’ or who at least take part in green practises are preferred among potential clients and investors alike. By utilising eco-friendly branded corporate paper bags at your next exhibition or corporate event, you are showing that you care about our fragile environment. Kiki Bag branded paper bags are completely biodegradable, meaning that you can rest easy knowing that no matter where your branded paper bags end up, they will not harm the environment in the slightest.

Paper Bags Award a Return on Investment

While purchasing a large quantity of branded corporate gift bags for your corporate events is a substantial initial investment, these offer a remarkable return (ROI). Think about where your brand might travel to, and the countless people that will see your branding, if your corporate event attendees decide to reuse your branded bags. The nicer your branded bags are, the better chance you have of invited guests keeping them for use at a later stage. At Kiki Bag, we offer film laminating in gloss and matt, UV varnishing, foiling, and embossing as finishing options for your corporate gift bags. Consider the environment when next planning a corporate event by speaking to us about a quotation on professional eco-friendly paper bags today!

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