Conference Gift Bag Ideas Your Attendees Will Love
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Conference Gift Bag Ideas Your Attendees Will Love

No matter the sort of conference your company is looking to host, a corporate conference is nothing without a branded conference gift bag filled with interesting goodies your attendees can take home with them. Your conference gift bags, and everything you decide to put into each of them, are impression-generating marketing tools that will either impress or disappoint your conference attendees. Ensure that your brand is leaving the best impressions possible with these five conference gift bag ideas your attendees will absolutely love!

Make Your Gift Bag Unique

Business conference attendees will probably attend more than a handful of corporate events each year, more than likely receiving a branded corporate gift bag at each of them. Ensure that your branded paper gift bag stands out and leaves a lasting impression by making it as unique as your brand is. Consider embossing your branded paper bags with your logo – this will give your logo texture and make it pop on the paper panel, much better than simply printing it on.

Include Branded Edibles

Let’s face it: people love things they can nibble on! Set your corporate gift bags apart by including a branded edible in each of them. Great branded edible ideas are branded cupcakes, bottles of branded preserves, and bottled water with your logo on the band. Consider the nature of your conference; the key topics – choosing a branded edible that relates to these. When attendees get around to nibbling on your branded edibles, they will be reminded of the conference and what it was all about – as well as prompting them to think about your brand!

Choose a Practical Focus Gift

This is where your company can really invest in a seldom-utilised marketing avenue. While every corporate gift bag should feature a few objects, one item should stand out from the rest. Investing in one key branded practical corporate gift for attendees could ensure that your branding is noticed by people other than your attendees – giving you a substantial return on investment (if you choose wisely). Steer clear of branded pens and notepads. Consider corporate gifts such as branded diaries or journals, desk clocks, coffee mugs, smart phone holders and business card holders.

Include Engaging Company Information

Most corporate event attendees will, while rummaging through their gift bags, pick out any pieces of paper and toss them in the bin without even paying attention to what information they might contain – unless the flyer itself grabs attention. If you need to include printed information in your branded paper gift bags, consider steering away from paragraphs of text with zero or little colour and instead use a brightly-coloured infographic to get your message across. Infographics are easy to understand and contain very little text, grabbing the reader’s attention completely for the few seconds they take to consume the information.

Include Digital Corporate Gifts

A new corporate gift idea that more and more companies are considering is the inclusion of digital gifts such as mobile app vouchers, E-gift cards, e-books, and ‘free trial’ software vouchers – depending on the nature of your business. Digital corporate gifts are interactive and challenge attendees to take action in order to redeem their digital gift. If your company has an app, make sure you throw in a free version for all attendees to enjoy and promote to those who they interact with after the event.

The first step to planning the perfect corporate gift bag that attendees will remember for weeks after is to ensure that your gift bag itself is one to talk about. Speak to us at Kiki Bag for a quotation on eco-friendly 100% biodegradable branded paper bags that your next corporate conference attendees will absolutely love!

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