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20th March 2018
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15th April 2018

There are a number of benefits to using branded shopping bags; from environmental consciousness to mobile marketing, Kiki Bag have put together a list of top reasons why our branded paper bags are the best choice for your organisation. If you’re interested in the benefits branded shopping bags can have for you, keep reading!


As you know, we at Kiki Bag pride ourselves on the eco-friendly nature of our products. We use strictly renewable paper sources, ensuring that our branded shopping bags are in keeping with the current global environmental guidelines. Movements such as #RefuseTheStraw are taking over social media and changing the way the average person thinks about their impact on the earth. Research shows that more and more consumers are tending to buy from brands who demonstrate environmental awareness, therefore our consciously created branded shopping bags will give your organisation an edge over competitors, whilst still caring for the planet.

Functional Advantage

Branded shopping bags made from renewable paper sources have the added benefit of being more structurally sound than traditional plastic packets. Handles can be reinforced to increase durability, meaning your bag can be reused a number of times. Generally, paper shopping bags are much more comfortable to carry around, thus improving the shopping experience of your valued clients.

Mobile Marketing

Branded shopping bags make an awesome investment that inevitably makes you money! Think about it: our paper bags are tailored to match your branding, and as your customers carry your products around, your shopping bag is being seen by every person they pass. This makes your bags a mobile marketing solution as well!

Considering these benefits of branded shopping bags, it is high time your organisation considers a recyclable, functional and attractive solution. The global market is saturated with businesses encompassing every aspect of life, but with us you can stand out from the crowd!

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