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5th April 2018
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Kiki Bag has decades of experience designing and manufacturing branded paper bags for companies all over the world. We understand that each company must be treated individually, as these bags are a miniature, tangible mouthpiece for their brand! Whether for promotional purposes, shopping bags or gift bags, what your product is carried in is a direct representation of the service you offer. From soft cord to Petersham tape to cut out handles, each of our bags has its own unique personality. With this in mind, we have dissected the delicate nuances that make each type of bag stand out.

Soft Cord Handles

The soft cord handle on our branded paper bags is the comfortable and practical option. The bags themselves can be machine made, but each and every bag needs to be finished off with a human touch – the addition of the soft cord. The top of the bag is folded over once, sometimes even twice, for added strength, and the cords are threaded through and knotted to secure them in place. Should you prefer, “T” tipped cords are available too!
The soft cord allows for comfort in the hand, whilst also being a practical solution to your branded paper bag needs. This design is very durable and can support a decent weight if need be. All in all, the soft cord handle is a historically successful solution that is very popular with many organisations.

Petersham Tape Satin Ribbon Handles

The class and elegance of the Petersham tape satin ribbon handle is next level! This option is designed to elevate the richness of your brand, exuding luxury and ease with every step the carrier takes. Holes are punched at the top of the bag, the satiny tape is looped through and secured, thus creating a decorative and functional paper bag. The ribbon can be ordered in standard colours for quick production runs, but a wide range of shades is available for perfect tailoring to your brand colours. Your branded paper bags have never looked this good!

Cut Out Handles

The simplified paper shopping bag you need! This option sports a kidney cut out for its handle, keeping the bag the most upright and rigid of all our bags – ensuring maximum design visibility in the carrier’s hand. The rigid design of this bag ensures that your designs don’t get distorted when the bag is in use. An attractive shopping bag will always be reused, meaning your branded paper bag solution is effectively a mobile marketing solution! These bags can be reinforced around the handle for maximum durability, whilst their simplicity and tactility make them a stunning fix for your branded paper bag needs.

All in all, Kiki Bag understands that your promotional paper bag requirements are not one-size-fits-all. From practicality to elegance to design visibility, whatever your organisations top priority is, we guarantee that we can pair you with the perfect solution. For all your promotional paper bag needs, call Kiki Bag!

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