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What items you choose to brand with your logo and tagline says a lot about your brand. While choosing the right bags to use for events or to hold customer product purchases is essential to brand positioning, so are the handles you attach to them! If your brand stresses a practical and no-nonsense ethic, then branded bags with satin ribbon handles will be totally off-brand. Want bags that effectively represent your brand? Discover the types of handles available for branded bags…

Why Choose a Soft Cord Handle for Branded Bags?

A soft cord handle suits a variety of branded bags and is ideal for bags given at events and product launches. The 5mm thick handles are versatile for branding, because they are available in different textiles such as plastic, paper and fabric. These are the most popular handle styles and it’s not surprising as they are robust and look great on nearly all branded bags.

Say Luxury with a Petersham Tape Satin Ribbon Bag Handle

If you want people to associate your brand with being up-market, luxurious or exclusive then a satin Petersham handle will be right for your branded bag. This is an innovative handle made using modern textiles. The sleek and soft handle is wider than a typical soft cord at 300/750mm.

High Street Quality: Branded Cut-out Handle Paper Bags

This handle implements a kidney shaped cut out and works well with more rigid branded paper bags. Cut-out handles are great for brands who want an attractive, modern and streamlined bag. The handle is typically reinforced. Clever and fun branding can turn bags with these handles into incredibly effective marketing items.

Need branded bags for an upcoming event or for customers’ purchases? Kiki Bags will help you develop the perfect bag to represent to your brand!

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