Branded Shopping Bags Make Your Brand Look Better
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Corporate Gift Ideas for Small Businesses
29th September 2018
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24th October 2018

Branded Shopping Bags Make Your Brand Look Better

Branded Shopping Bags Make Your Brand Look Better

The shopping bag, often an afterthought supplied to customers for a single use, says more about your brand than you think. For more than five decades plastic has dominated this realm, but the seemingly innocuous carrier bag is facing a ban worldwide. Changing to sustainable paper bags tells customers your company cares about the future of our planet. We assume you have already ditched plastic as an environmentally conscious company. If not, see our blog for all the reasons you should be using paper.

So, what can branded and environmentally friendly carrier bags really do for your business? We at Kiki Bag have compiled the key benefits of branded shopping bags…

Customers Want Recyclable Packaging

Current research suggests that a printed shopping bag can have more brand value than an advertisement, and it is certainly the cheaper option too – this alone is enough reason to start branding your carrier bags. Current consumer trends demand recyclable alternatives and paper bags effectively reduce your carbon footprint. One can reuse them and our Kiki Bag range is recyclable.

Cost-Effective, Mobile Branding Solution

The primary purpose of branding your bags is to promote your brand, but shopping bags are often overlooked in marketing strategies when in fact, they’re probably one of the most effective forms of advertising.
Customers become your campaigners when they carry your bag. They will essentially be carrying a sign to promote your products or services to everyone they encounter. Your logo is carried around, a highly effective way to showcase your brand to your target market. It’s certainly a cost-effective option to get your brand out there.

Build Trust with Potential Customers

The act of carrying and using your custom branded shopping bag also serves as an endorsement. It generates the sought-after trust before a consumer has even entered your store. If a consumer sees your brand on a shopping bag around town, they’ll immediately hold some level of trust. When your customer’s family, friends and coworkers see your bag they will immediately have a positive association with your brand.

Better Appearance Overall

Marketing and advertising aside, a branded shopping bag simply put, just looks better. It adds appeal to your product and surely you’ve spent time and money creating your logo, so why not use it to the max? Print it on your paper shopping bags and we can guarantee everything will look just that much more refined. It assures your customers that you believe in your brand and your products, by investing in the aesthetic appeal which doubles up as your advertising.

Changeable Marketing Material That Grows with You

Branding your shopping bags also allows you to integrate your promotional material or marketing messages as they shift month to month. Your branded bags can be included your companies mission, charitable or community efforts, and share info with customers beyond your store. The versatility of printing your logo along with messages either pertaining to the season or current trend means that the bags your customers take home can be recycled as gift bags, further reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

To order your own branded biodegradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly paper shopping bags, contact us here. Keep checking in on our blog to see more great ideas and ways to expand your brand.

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