Corporate Gift Ideas for Small Businesses
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13th September 2018
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10th October 2018

Small businesses can make a big impact on their staff with the right corporate gifts for birthdays, events and special occasions. But not all small business owners know what corporate gift ideas they can budget for that will still make their special staff members smile! To help you out, Kiki Bag have gathered a couple corporate gift ideas for small businesses that will make a good impression without blowing the bank.

Branded Pot Plants

Having plants in the office space is linked to improved happiness and health of your employees! Considering this, potted plants may be the perfect corporate gift idea for your staff or even your customers. This relatively uncommon corporate gift idea will remind the recipients of your business and provide a genuinely positive influence in the workplace or recipients home! Go green!

Branded Water Bottles

Nothing encourages good health, hydration and improved wellness like a reminder to drink more water each day! By gifting your staff or customers with a branded water bottle you are promoting your brand whilst also promoting good health and increased productivity in the workplace!

Branded Notebooks and Journals

Notebooks are a great corporate gift idea as they are incredibly useful for a multitude of purposes. Handing these promotional items out allows your staff or customers to carry a small advertisement of your business around with them for their note-taking, to-do listing and journal writing tasks! Branded notebooks are a great corporate gift idea for small businesses.

A Wristwatch

This corporate gift is more suitable for special occasions such as a staff members birthday, retirement or sadly, resignation. A nice watch with a timeless design makes for an impactful and useful gift that can be found in various budgets. We recommend selecting a minimalistic design in classy materials, such as leather or metal. Keep the face neutral toned or solid in colour, as patterns and designs vary by taste.

Gift Vouchers

Although some may feel that gift cards are less personal, as a corporate gift idea it is incredibly freeing to the recipient as they get to spend it exactly as they please, on something they really like! We recommend purchasing a gift voucher for a nearby mall that you know your staff or customers will have access to, as they can then go on to select their favourite store therein. If you are quite familiar with your staff members tastes, you can purchase gift cards from each of their favourite stores for them!

Put It All Together…

To round out your corporate gift ideas, why not collect your favourite corporate gifts and pop them in a tasteful branded paper shopping bag? Present your gifts to your employees or customers in a branded bag to represent your brand at its most generous and caring!

Put them all in a Kiki Bag!

Contact us to discuss your branded paper shopping bags for your corporate gift ideas! Stay tuned to our blog page for more interesting and helpful articles posted regularly.

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