Choosing Your Bulk Paper Bags Handles
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7th June 2017
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10th July 2017

Choosing Your Bulk Paper Bags Handles

When it comes to choosing the perfect handles for your bulk paper bags, you have options! Keep in mind that everything about your bulk paper bags, whether they are shopping bags or corporate event gift bags for attendees, will say something about your organisation.

At Kikibag, we have three core paper bag handles that our clients can choose from for their bulk paper bags – each with pros and cons to carefully consider before making a decision. Let’s have a look at what to keep in mind when choosing your bulk paper bag handles…

Soft Cord Rope Paper Bag Handles

The soft cord variety of paper bag handles are used with practicality in mind. These are perfect for when branded paper bags are used at a product launch or as shopping bags. At Kikibag, you have the option of choosing the colour of your soft chord bag handles. The upper strip of the paper bag is double folded and reinforced for added strength, and the cord handle is knotted on the inside of the bag – so your customers can spend hours carrying your branded paper bag around without the handles coming undone.

Petersham Tape and/or Satin Ribbon Paper Bag Handles

Looking to render your bulk paper bags absolutely luxurious? Then you’ll want to consider petersham tape or satin ribbon handles. These are perfect paper bag handles for use in the hospitality industry, at trade shows, and at important corporate events. Ribbon shouts style, and when matched with a well-designed branded paper bag, could be the difference between a good impression and a not-so-good one.

Cut Out Handle Paper Bags

Choosing the right gift bag for your specific brand identity is imperative, so read up on what your gift bags say about your business. If your company considers itself different and unique, consider swimming against the stream by opting for cut out handles for your bulk paper bags. This is achieved by simply cutting an oval-shaped hole on either panel of the paper bag. This method uses the bag’s material itself to create space for fingers to slip through and hold onto, and is aligned with the minimalism trend of late.

Branded Paper Bags in South Africa

Looking for some gift bag inspiration? Have a look at a few corporate gift bag finishing ideas to get your next corporate gift bags on point! For professional bulk paper bags in South Africa and the United Kingdom, contact Kikibag by clicking on this line of blue text.

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