What Your Gift Bags Say About Your Business
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Corporate Gift Bag Finishing Ideas
31st May 2017
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Choosing Your Bulk Paper Bags Handles
30th June 2017

You’ve been tasked with planning a corporate event for your company, from the décor to the catering and everything in between. One big aspect of a corporate event (and the reason most attendees actually come) is the choice of favours you decide to gift attendees; the little branded paper bags that they’ll find on their seats when first arriving. Delegates will judge your company on the smallest of details – including what type of gift bags you choose, what favours you decide to include, and how your corporate favours are presented. Since Kikibag is in the business of providing professional custom paper bags in bulk, let’s have a look at what your gift bags say about your business…

Glossy Paper Gift Bags

Few can deny that glossy golden gift bags shout accomplishment. If you’re looking to let your event attendees know that your business is doing well, opt for gift bags that catch the eye with bright finishes like gold, silver or bronze. When choosing a glossy paper bag finish, consider what your logo will look like against your chosen colour. For that professional ‘business is our business’ look, jet black paper bags with a glossy glaze are the answer. Gloss is a firm laminate that is applied over the printed sheet for extra strength and aesthetic appeal.

Natural Matt Paper Gift Bags

You don’t necessarily need bright shiny paper gift bags to let attendees know that you mean business. Matt paper bags are just as classy when combined with unique finishes like embossing. Matt black corporate gift bags shout elegance and prestige, while dipping into bright colours such as reds and yellows reveal the fun side of your company. If your business focuses on ‘green’ practises and takes meaningful steps towards environmental sustainability, consider utilising natural colours like greens and browns on your paper gift bags.

Handles Maketh the Bag

The handles you decide to use on your gift bags can also reveal much about your company. If practicality is a trait you’d like to get across, soft cord handles are perfect. Should you wish to showcase your professionalism and elegance, notch your gift bag handles up to stylish satin ribbons. If support for conservation and sustainability is something you’d like to boast about at your event, consider cut out handles that use the actual sides of the paper bags as handles by cutting out an oval shape close to the opening.

Custom Paper Carrier Bags in South Africa

Need some corporate gift bag inspiration? Have a look at some conference gift bag ideas your attendees will love. If you’re considering going eco-friendly with your paper gift bags, read up on the benefits of eco-friendly branded paper bags. Already have an idea of what gift bags you’d like for your next corporate event? Get in touch with Kikibag for a free quotation today!

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