The Year is Packed With Festive Holidays
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14th November 2018
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The year is packed with festive holidays, there’s Valentines day, Easter, Mother’s day, Women’s day and the end of year Christmas season! If you were wondering whether you should hop on the festive packaging bandwagon, we have put together some inspiration to persuade you. We think that festive packaging is a fun way to generate more talk about your brand and show a little creative flair to your customers. Before we get into it, let’s look at a couple reasons why you should introduce festive packaging.

Should I Use Festive Packaging?

Firstly, your sales generally increase during the festive period, as your customers make purchases not only for themselves, but for their friends and family as well! This is where your strategy starts: festive packaging encourages customers to buy more of your product, due to the convenience of its attractive wrapping (no need to wrap it themselves before gifting) and the exclusivity factor.

Festive packaging makes your products look new and exciting, and will catch eyes from out on the street thanks to the bright colours and gorgeous decorative features.

Festive Packaging Ideas

Now that we have established why you should get in on the festive action, we want to inspire you further with some creative festive packaging ideas that will endear your brand to your customers, and keep them smiling all season long.

Create Branded Gift Sets

A sure-fire way to bring in more sales is to create simple gift sets of samples, minis and one or two full sizes of your favourite products to create an attractive and super convenient gift option for your customers. Put all your goodies in a decorative branded box or branded paper shopping bags to create a Ready-to-Gift solutions for your shoppers.

Decorate with Festive Lyrics or Phrases

A simple yet super effective way to introduce a festive spirit to your packaging is to print well-known lyrics from holiday songs or phrases on your paper bags, boxes or gift wrap. This understated nod at the holiday will be just enough to bring a smile to your customers face, without drowning them in a festive theme.

Accent with Holiday Colours

That said, you can take it to the next level by incorporating holiday colours into your packaging as well. Colours are strongly symbolic in the mind, therefore using colours related to the holiday will get you feeling the jazz. For example, reds for Valentine’s day, yellows for Easter or Christmas colours for the end of year season.

Add Natural Foliage to Your Packaging

This festive packaging idea is simple yet so effective, particularly when it comes to cost! Consider tucking a sprig of foliage into your holiday packaging, or clipping them on with a little white peg. Pinecones, rosemary, eucalyptus leaves, ferns, any green sprig can bring a little festive cheer to your packaging! Couple this witch brown paper textures and holiday colours and you have yourself a winner!

Add a Custom Store Gift Guide

If you want to be a massive convenience to your customers, consider creating a custom store gift guide and popping it into your customers carry bags leading up to the holiday period. Feature your best sellers, categorise gifts for mothers, fathers, significant others, children, and more to make it even easier. With a great selection at their fingertips, your customers will be reeling to make their holiday purchases.

Get It Right with Kiki Bag

Kiki Bag produce a great selection of branded paper shopping bags that can take your brand to the next level. Combine your festive packaging ideas with recyclable, reusable shopping bags to show your customers that you care about the planet as much as you care about them. Contact us to discuss your festive packaging needs and we will get to work!

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