How to Order Your Branded Paper Bags
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How to Order Your Branded Paper Bags

One of the many reasons our customers love our branded paper bags is that we make ordering and receiving your bespoke gift bags simpler and easier than ever before! When you need simple and convenient quotes for your company’s corporate branding needs, don’t look any further than Kiki Bag. Our high-quality branded paper bags are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly, and we make quality a priority every step of the way, so go ahead and take that first step!

Step 1: Select the Type of Handle You Prefer

The first thing you need to decide is whether you would prefer a soft cord handle, a Petersham tape satin ribbon handle, or a cut out handle. Each handle has its own unique ‘personality’, and lends itself to a variety of brand personas. For example, the Petersham tape handle is ultra-elegant! Once you have decided, click here to move onto step 2.

Step 2: Select a Size & Specify the Quantity

Next, you will be shown the range of size options that are available, their measurements, and the minimum order quantities that are required. Once you have chosen the best sizing for your needs, you can move onto the next step. Think about what you want to put into your branded paper bags before ordering!

Step 3: Select the Best Grade of Paper for Your Needs

Locally, you have 3 grades of paper to choose from at various weights. Furthermore, you may opt for imported (gloss or matt finish) grades. The grade of paper you choose will rely heavily on your budget as well as your application.

Step 4: Specify Your Printing Requirements

If necessary, provide the details of your custom printing needs. We love to manufacture richly coloured and well-designed branded paper bags to our clients. We also understand that your brand colours are critical to brand recognition and awareness, therefore we are committed to matching your colours as best as possible.

Step 5: Select Your Preferred Finish & Optional Extras

Select your preferences in terms of matt, glossy, UV varnish or lamination, and specify your additional needs such as foiling, eyelet specs, and inner reinforcements. This step allows you to fully customise your branded paper bags to your personal taste!

Step 6: Securely Provide Your Contact Information

You’re almost there! Simply complete the contact form provided, click submit, and we will get back to you with a detailed quotation before you know it!

Get Carried Away with Kiki’s Branded Paper Bags!

Experience the Kiki Bag difference for yourself; request a custom quotation today, or get in touch with us with any burning questions you may have – we’d love to help!Branded Paper Bags

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