Custom Gift Bags Setting 2018 Alight
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Custom Gift Bags Setting 2018 Alight

With 2018 already in full swing and gaining steam, we’ve already noticed a few custom gift bags popping up more than others, revealing paper bag trends that will more than likely follow on throughout the year. One’s natural brown offering a window in, one’s almost more ribbon than actual bag, and the one shouts elegance and aesthetical appeal. So, let’s take a look at three custom gift bags setting 2018 alight:


Windowed Brown Paper Bags

This simplistic little brown custom paper bag is perfectly deployed in natural health shops, soap stores, and any other establishment that sells organic or ‘green’ products. The bag features a brown rope handle, adding to the bag’s natural look, but is finished off with a square transparent plastic sheet to see the contents without having to open the bag.

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Bow-Tied Ribbon Handle Bags

For more formal, black tie affairs, like night time corporate events and social engagements, these elegant matt black custom gift bags are ideal. The handles used are actually thicker-than-usual satin ribbon strips that have been tied into bows. This tiny little detail sets these bags apart, and they’re stylishly finished off with a black and cream card featuring a company logo and a personal message.

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Blue and White Paper Event Bags

The last trendy custom gift bag we’re crushing on this year is this gorgeous little white and blue number specially made for a wedding. These are plain white bags, featuring navy blue satin ribbon handles, and an extra strip of blue ribbon dividing the front panel in half. On top of this strip is a blue and white piece of card with information on it. A truly custom paper bag that will go down as a hit no matter where it is used!

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