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15th December 2017
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30th January 2018

In our blog article titled the best paper bag hacks around, we look at three epic ways to reuse second-hand paper gift bags. We may have been a bit premature when naming that article, because we’ve found three more used gift bag hacks that are even BETTER! Check them out below…

Hanging Jewelry Holder

Got a paper gift bag still in pretty good condition? Consider turning it into a jewellery holder!

You’ll need a sharp pencil, a carpet knife, and about 30cm of string. Using the knife, cut the bottom of the gift bag off by slicing horizontally about two inches from the base.

Now, use the sharp pencil to punch holes about 1cm from where you cut on the two small side panels of the bag. Push one end of the string through a hole from the outside, and tie a knot so that it can’t slip back through.

Do the same on the other side and hang your paper holder wherever you need it!

Microwave Popcorn Maker

This paper gift bag hack works best with a medium-sized paper bag.

You’ll need un-popped corn kernels, a dash of sunflower oil, and sticky tape. Start by handling your paper bag until the bottom section and sides become a bit suppler.

Next, pour a bit of sunflower oil onto a side plate and cover the bottom of the plate with corn kernels.

Now, empty the plate of kernels into your paper bag (be sure to remove any handles that might still be attached), fold the opening over twice, and seal the bag with a small piece of sticky tape.

Place in the microwave on high for 2 – 4 minutes and wait to hear the popping!

Package Filler/Confetti

Have you ever wanted to send a gift to a far-flung relative, but you’ve been concerned about the item getting damaged along the way?

If you’ve got a few used paper gift bags lying about the house, you’ve got a solution! All you’ll need is a pair of scissors and some time on your hands.

Start by removing the handles of your paper bag, then cut vertical lines with just under 1cm spacing between them. Do the same to all four sides.

Now, cut the strips loose from the base of the bag, and cut them into three equal pieces. Using your hands, zig-zag fold each strip. Use these little zig-zag strips as package filling!

For colourful confetti, take your long strips and cut them into little cubes. You’ll end up with hundreds of them, which can be stored in preparation for the next wedding you attend!

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