Different Types of Paper Bags
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15th September 2017
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Did you know that, on average, the global population uses around 750 billion plastic packets per year? Scarier still is the percentage of these bags that are actually recycled, which sits at a dismal average of around 7%. The remaining 93 percent of plastic packets end up in landfill sites, get blown into the oceans, or end up polluting our lands. In a perfect world, where paper bags are chosen over the plastic variety, the billions of bags ending up in our environment would simply biodegrade – causing no harm to the eco-systems of our planet. Here’s a look at a few paper bags we could be using instead of plastic one’s…

Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft paper bags are simple, thin brown paper bags almost always made from recycled paper material. These come in a wide range of sizes, and usually feature no handles. You’ll have seen popcorn being served in small brown Kraft bags at farm stalls and fetes. Kraft bags are ideal replacements for in-store fruit and vegetable packets, as well as where small items are sold and require separate storage when being transported.

Branded Event Bags

Event bags have to make a scene if they are to successfully serve their purpose at a product launch, grand opening, or other type of private or corporate event. While plastic packets are much cheaper to source than paper event bags, paper bags are easier to customise and specialise according to specific aesthetical requirements. Branded paper bags can be made with a variety of finishing options, and with enough bows and tassels – your branded event bags could really leave a lasting impression.

Shopping Carrier Bags

This is the industry where the benefits of paper bags can really be seen and felt. While countries such as the United States have been utilising paper carrier bags for shoppers to transport their groceries for years, the majority of nations the world over still use low-density polypropylene plastic bags – which are a major source of global pollution. Paper shopping carrier bags feature reinforced bottoms for improved grocery transportation strength, and can be discarded of with peace of mind.

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