The Best Paper Bag Hacks Around
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26th September 2017
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When it comes to paper bags, we at Kiki Bag are absolutely obsessed. We love looking into different ways of using paper bags once their initial purpose has been met. If you liked our article on thrifty ideas for recycling paper gift bags, you’re going to love these paper bag hacks we’ve found. Let’s get our frugal on…

Cooking Over a Fire

Gone camping but forgotten a frying pan? If you have a paper gift bag close at hand, you’ll be just fine! This might be one of the craziest paper bag hacks around, but it is crazy enough to actually work. You can use a paper gift bag to cook bacon and eggs over a fire!

Simply rub the inside of the bag with a raw strip of bacon (get the grease all over the bottom and side panels), lie your bacon strips along the bottom of the bag, crack your eggs onto the bacon and place on medium-heat coals for 10 – 15 minutes. Don’t worry, the grease will prevent the bag from combusting.

Ripen Fruit and Vegetables

This is a ridiculously simple paper bag hack that works every time! When buying groceries, instead of grabbing a bunch of ripe fruit and vegetables – half of which you won’t eat because they’ll go off – choose ones that still have a few days to go before being optimally edible. This is where the paper bag comes in.

Place your unripe fruits and vegetables in the paper bag, and cover with newspaper. The dry conditions within will ripen your fruit and veg, and you can label each paper bag for quick reference. Just be sure to let everyone know that they aren’t grandma’s birthday presents!

Bin Liner Dispenser

This last one is a crafter’s dream project. Simple to action, yet practical and aesthetically pleasing too! Instead of leaving your rolls of bin liners in a kitchen cupboard (usually under the sink), try this thrifty paper bag hack.

Choose a used paper gift bag that is about as wide as the roll of bin liners is long. Now, cut a small circular hole just above the base of the paper bag in the centre. Place your bin liner roll in the paper bag and pull the next bag through the hole so that it sticks out about an inch. Hammer a nail into your kitchen door and hang your new bin liner dispenser with pride!

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