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17th October 2017
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4th November 2017

With Halloween having passed recently, we’re taking a look at some very cool bag branding ideas that’ll scare your socks off!

These branded paper bags prove that notions of colour contrast, design minimalism and the utilisation of package elements are able to either make or break a paper goodie bag’s appeal.

Hold onto your seat and don’t close your eyes – these branded bags are FRIGHTFULLY good looking!

Detailed Uptown Park Branded Bag

This stunning Halloween bag branding from Uptown Park utilises the concept of contrast to really make this paper bag pop!

The bag itself is nothing special – a regular brown paper bag with a twine handle.

It’s what’s been done to it that makes it a winner!

This Halloween design uses contrast to accentuate the design elements by placing them against the natural brown background on the front panel, and against a black background on the side panels.

Minimalistic Party Delights Bags

Designers have proven time and time again that minimalism in design simply works, as proved to be true by these spooky Halloween bags from Party Delights.

The bag branding uses black eye, nose and mouth elements – as seen on most Jack-o’-lanterns – perfectly poised against a solid orange background.

This makes the paper bags look just like little carved rectangular pumpkins! Sometimes simple is best.

Wedding Reception Gift Bags

Getting married in October 2018? Thinking about a Halloween-themed wedding?

These simple Halloween bags prove that one need not go over the top to get true Halloween culture across in a bag branding design.

A simple Halloween message is delivered on the front-facing panel of the bag, and in the case of the black bag, the characteristic Halloween orange is used in the form of some party paper to finish off the concept in spooky style!


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