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15th April 2018
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In the present day, businesses globally are making headway with regards to sustainability and eco-friendly approaches to manufacture, workplace habits, energy consumption and material use or reusability. Global efforts to conserve the planet and its resources start at home and in the workplace, where small changes are implemented to contribute to Mother Nature’s recovery.
Kiki Bag are manufacturers of 100% biodegradable, recyclable paper bags made from eco-friendly renewable resources. We are already contributing towards a greener planet, and would like you to learn just why your business should follow suit with eco-friendly packaging…

South African Struggle with Climate Change

As everyone will know, several areas in South Africa have been struggling with water restrictions and drought since roughly 2015, meaning entire neighbourhoods can only use water during certain allotted hours, and extremely sparingly. The Western Cape has been severely affected, with a Day Zero announcement looming over the province for far too long.

South Africa has very diverse climates across its nine provinces, across which renewable energy initiatives such as hydro-electric power, solar energy and wind power are sorely underutilised. The potential for South Africa to join other eco-friendly countries is present, but the infrastructure and governmental support is wholly lacking.

Businesses and consumers can unite in making better choices, simply by using a reusable shopping bag, recyclable materials, or Kiki Bag eco-friendly paper bags that can be custom designed with your branding.

A Growing Love for Environmentally Conscious Brands

Consumers across the globe are moving towards eco-friendly brands. In fact, Unilever released a report in 2017 that showed a third of consumers are actively choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing more social and environmental good than others. Twenty thousand adults from five different countries reported that their sustainability concerns impacted their choice of brand, both in-store and at home.

Eco-friendly packaging is a great way to start – or continue – your business’s journey towards more conscious manufacturing and retail habits. Kiki Bag highly recommend this change, as our branded paper bags are recyclable, as well as fully biodegradable even if not disposed of correctly by consumers. We want our footprint on the Earth to be as small as possible, and we can help you make small changes that have a big impact.

Contact us today to chat about how we can maximise your eco-friendly packaging and branding techniques with our branded paper bags.

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