Easy Ways to Join the Anti-Plastic Movement
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29th May 2018
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13th June 2018

Easy Ways to Join the Anti-Plastic Movement

The anti-plastic movement is gaining traction daily as more and more consumers and businesses realise the true weight of the global plastic pollution problem. A study conducted by Unilever revealed that a third of consumers are consciously choosing to buy from brands that they believe are eco-friendlier and environmentally conscious. We illustrate some easy ways to join the anti-plastic movement in the blog below, so that you too can take a step towards a healthier planet.

Refuse the Plastic Straw

One of the easiest ways to have a huge impact on the anti-plastic movement is to simply refuse the straw at every opportunity you can. With the United States alone using more than 500 million straws a day (that’s more than one straw per person, mind you) straws are quickly destroying the planet and its wildlife.

Plastic straws take up to 200 years to breakdown, and never fully disappear from the Earth, as plastics are not biodegradable. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the chemicals that are released as plastic straw degrade are toxic to the environment.

Ocean Conservancy’s TIDES system released data in early 2018 that illustrates the havoc straws are wreaking on the planet: they are the 11th most found item in ocean clean ups and constitute around 3% of all recovered trash!

Reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Mugs

Many companies are making it more and more convenient to bring your own reusable mug to a takeaway coffee shop by offering discounts for those who do! Get your coffee a touch cheaper and contribute to saving the planet in one simple habit change? Sounds like a deal.
Continue the reusable containers trend by using a reusable glass or metal water bottle to keep yourself hydrated in eco-friendly style.

Avoid Frozen Convenience Foods

This habit takes a little more conviction but has just as much of a positive impact on the planet. Frozen convenience foods are notorious for being heavily wrapped in plastics and polystyrenes. Although polystyrene can be recycled at various depots throughout South Africa, very few people make the effort to separate polystyrene from their other waste and make the trip to drop it off.
Pro tip: Not using polystyrene products significantly reduces the need to recycle them! Who would have thought.

You can visit the My Waste website to find out where the nearest drop off is for your recyclable material of choice, including polystyrene. Three clicks and you can join the anti-plastic movement.

Use Homemade All-Purpose Cleaners in Reused Bottles

By mixing up your own DIY all-purpose cleaner to use around the house, you not only cancel out the need to purchase a spray bottle again and again for the same product, but you get to rid some harmful chemicals from your household surfaces, too.
You can make an all-purpose cleaning solution by mixing one part of vinegar with three parts of water in a reused spray bottle.

Don’t Discard Your Electronics

There are already plenty entrepreneurs that have realised the value of tired old electronic devices that other people would typically discard. There are surely a couple businesses near you that will buy your old, broken or packed-up electronic devices from you to use for spare parts, recycling or other ingenious purposes. Wherever possible, avoid throwing away your electronic devices and instead find a place where you can turn them in for recycling or sell them for reuse. The My Waste website can assist you with this as well!

Use Recyclable Branded Paper Bags

Of course, a great way to reduce your plastic use and join the anti-plastic movement is to rid your business of plastic packaging. Kiki Bag offers a uniquely attractive and eco-friendly branding solutions by means of our branded paper bags.

We use only renewable paper sources in order to produce eco-friendly packaging that carries a brand message – and goods – safely and in a reusable, recyclable fashion.

To view our innovative and attractive branded paper bags and learn more about how Kiki Bag can help you help the planet, you can visit our website or contact us today.

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