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If you are wondering how socially responsible gifts in your corporate company can go down any smoother, then look no further! Kiki Bag have detailed the importance of corporate social responsibility below, as well as some advice on how to achieve socially responsible gifts.

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the implementation of policies and procedures within a company to integrate social, environment and ethical concerns into business operations and strategy. By collaborating with stakeholders, corporate companies seek to improve their communities in a number of ways for the good of the people. Corporate social responsibility is a powerful statement to illustrate what a company stands for, and results in an enhanced overall reputation.

A study conducted in 2015 by Kenexa High Performance Institute found that organisations who show a genuine commitment to corporate social responsibility significantly outperform organisations that do not.

Furthermore, corporate social responsibility is linked to retaining the top talent in your company, as motivated employees feel that they are part of a greater cause; and customer engagement increases as a company shows interest in its community.

What is Socially Responsible Gift Giving?

When it comes to giving gifts at a personal or corporate level, it is becoming increasingly important to make socially responsible choices both in the gift ideas and packaging. Socially responsible gift giving is that which is intended to benefit the receiver and their community, be it by supporting a non-profit organisation or allowing the receiver to make eco-friendly choices. For example, reusable stainless-steel straws and cloth shopping bags as a corporate gift encourages receivers to be environmentally conscious with regard to plastic use. If the proceeds of those gifts go to a non-profit that promotes ocean conservation, then the social responsibility of the gift is maximised.

Eco-Friendly Packing for Your Gift Ideas

Socially responsible gifts require packaging that matches! Why go through the process of sourcing socially responsible gifts if you are going to have them plastic wrapped three layers deep? Kiki Bag offers corporate companies unique branded paper bags that are reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly to the max, to consciously package their gift ideas. Our branded paper bags are made to your specification in your brand colours and artwork, so that your socially conscious branding and outreach exercise goes well-recognised. Whether delivering gifts to employees or a community, our branded paper bags are a unique choice to carry your goods. We use only renewable sources of paper to ensure that our manufacturing process is eco-friendly and keeps in line with current global environmental guidelines.

You can chat to us at Kiki Bag about your socially responsible gifts and get our take on how best to package them. For a closer look at our branded paper bags, click here!

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