The Business Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging
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The Business Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging

It may not be top on your list of priorities, but in ever-increasingly environmentally friendly focused society, it has never been more important to show your green credentials as a business – not to mention the fact that eco-friendly packaging like the kind provided by KikiBag requires fewer materials. This means that it will actually save you money in the long run as well as help you act more responsibly.

What is Wrong with Traditional Packaging Materials?

Plastic, paper, and cardboard all need a lot of energy to be produced; this energy is usually provided by fossil fuels that create millions of tons of carbon dioxide and methane that is released into the Earth’s atmosphere. Not ideal if you want to maintain a planet that is healthy and sustainable.

Not to mention the additional problem of landfills or oceans, as this is where the majority of the waste packaging materials end up.

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What are the Benefits of Eco-friendly Packaging for My Business?

Showing the world that you care about the impact you have on the environment, eco-friendly packaging has many other benefits specifically for you as a business.

1. Sustainable Packaging is Easy to Discard

Most eco-friendly packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable meaning a simple compost facility or recycling bin can be your go-to method for disposal.

2. Eco-friendly Packaging Extremely Versatile

Not a throwaway item, eco-friendly packaging can be re-used time and time again so it’s great for cutting costs.

3. Environmentally-conscious Packaging is Good for Your Brand

Do you want to be known as a company that doesn’t care about the natural world that its customers live in or do you want to be recognised as a business who takes their corporate responsibility seriously?

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4. Green Packaging can Help Reduce Your Fuel Costs

Eco-friendly packaging can weigh significantly-less than standard packaging so when it is being distributed, plus you will need less fuel and produce fewer carbon emissions.

5. Reusable Packaging is so Easy to Store

Most types of eco-friendly packaging take up less storage space so you can reduce your storage costs. They are also generally more malleable so are easier to produce and distribute.

6. Recyclable Package is Easier to Manufacture

It takes a lot fewer procedures and methods to create eco-friendly packaging than it does to make standard packaging. Therefore you can automatically cut down on your manufacturing costs.

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