How Paper Bags are Saving the Planet
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2nd August 2019
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18th September 2019

In a time where environmental damage is an enormous topic of conversation in the media, it is important that both people and businesses understand how they can help to save the planet. At Kikibag, we believe that it is the responsibility of everyone to make positive changes in their lives which can reduce damage and help to build towards a brighter future.

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Proactively Sustainable Packaging & Branding

People often think that an individual making a small change won’t make much difference but this is a dangerous mindset to adopt when many people act like this. Our focus in this blog is on some of the best ways that someone can help to reduce environmental damage is to use paper bags instead of plastic whenever shopping or moving goods.

Why Not Plastic?

Using paper bags to save the planet is something that everyone needs to start doing as when everyone makes the change it will have a noticeable impact. So, why shouldn’t plastic be used? Plastic waste is a major contributor to environmental damage as it is a material that is not biodegradable but used heavily all over the world.

Plastic Bag Usage

While it is true that a lot of plastic waste comes from elsewhere, plastic bags are a large contributor, particularly when you consider just how many bags people come home with each day when shopping at the supermarket. These bags are then sometimes re-used but often simply thrown away. You are now seeing many supermarkets and other stores deterring customers from using plastic bags and even adding a charge for every bag used. This is a good start but it comes down to the consumer to drive change on a large scale.

Switching To Paper

The best way to do this is to use paper bags instead. Many people are starting to use paper bags to save the planet and this is a trend that needs to continue. Paper bags are beneficial for a few reasons, most notably;

1. Recyclable

Paper bags are recyclable because they can decompose over time so they are not waste that ends up polluting the earth or ending up in a landfill.

2. Reusable

Some people are hesitant to make the switch because they think that paper bags will not be strong enough and fall apart. This is not the case as paper bags which have been manufactured well can carry heavy loads and be reused time and time again.

3. Energy Saving

Paper bags are usually made from locally available materials which makes them much more environmentally-friendly to produce as well as use.

4. Multipurpose

A paper bag can also serve multiple purposes which eliminate the need for plastic. They can be used as wrapping paper, to carry laundry, to store linen sets, as a pressing cloth and bag recycled newspaper as well as many other uses.

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Kikibag Loves Our Planet – Do You?

It is clear that more people need to start using paper bags to save the planet as it is when everyone takes action that results can be seen. Environmental damage is a major topic right now and scientists are urging everyone to look at their lives to identify ways that they could help. One of the biggest (and easiest) ways is to switch from plastic to paper bags in order to cut down on wasteful plastic usage. Chat to us today to find out more about us, or order your custom branded paper bags now!

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