3 Spring-Inspired Corporate Gifts Ideas
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18th September 2019
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9th October 2019

At Kiki Bag, we believe that one of the best ways to show your clients, partners, stakeholders, and employees that you care is with corporate gifts. Who doesn’t love getting gifts?

Do Corporate Gifts Have a Benefit?

Simply put, yes.

The Benefits of Corporate Gifting

Promotional corporate gifts have many benefits for your business that go beyond increasing brand awareness. For one, they can help develop B2B relationships. Any group of people at any company like receiving free gifts, and usually pay more attention to you while they’re receiving a gift since it will remind them of your goodwill and generosity. This can also help improve and maintain customer loyalty.

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Another benefit is that corporate gifts are a cost-effective method of advertising, so instead of pouring large budgets into other forms of mass media and advertising, consider spending on branded corporate gifts. They’re usually kept by the giftee and used often (and therefore seen often), especially if they’re office supplies like notepads and pens.

Inspiration for Your Spring Promotion

Customers who you have good relationships with are more likely to be repeat customers. Keep reading the blog as we reveal 3 ideas for you to try to build brand loyalty.

1. Outdoor Swag

With the temperatures finally warming up, the frost melting, and the sun shining and giving off some heat, it’s time to get back outside and enjoy the fresh air and nice weather. Playing sports like soccer, throwing some hoops, or tossing a football or frisbee back and forth is a great way to get some fun outdoors, or for the less sports-inclined, picnics and long walks are good too.

When it comes to corporate gifts, branding some outdoor swag to give away is never a bad idea. Those who enjoy sports in the spring can use your branded water bottles, hats, t-shirts, frisbees, or soccer balls. For those who just want to spend time outdoors and go on a picnic or a walk, branded reusable cups, sunglasses, blankets, and tote bags are useful. All of these spring-inspired corporate gift ideas can be made quickly and easily to give out to customers or clients, corporate partners, or potential clients as a way of increasing your company’s brand awareness.

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2. A Branded Plantable Pencil

Spring is the season of planting and gardening, so a plantable pencil is a perfect idea for a corporate gift. The pencil is made from graphite and organic wood and comes with seeds inside, so once you’re finished using it as a pencil, you can just stick it in the soil and it will grow into a plant!

The added bonus with plantable pencils is that you can brand them with your company name and logo. You can give them as branded corporate gifts to help keep your company top-of-mind after networking events, conventions, and other corporate events.

3. A Charity Donation

Springtime weather brings a lot of charitable events and fundraisers, so if a material gift is not appropriate, why not donate to a worthy cause in your giftee’s name? Be sure to include a branded card that details what the money is going to and how it will be spent so they can see what your corporate gift can achieve. It’s much more meaningful than a regular corporate gift and is also a good way to communicate your company’s and customer’s values.

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