7 Uses for Custom Paper Bags
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31st July 2019
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15th August 2019

7 Uses for Custom Paper Bags

In a day and age where environmental impact is constantly in the news and scientists are urging people to make changes in their daily lives to slow down the damage, it is important for people to know how they can make a difference. At Kikibag, we believe that one of the best ways to do this is to start using paper bags as opposed to plastic ones as this is an environmentally-friendly option.

Working Towards a More Sustainable Future

This is a seemingly small change but one which can make a big difference when both people and businesses make the switch. In this blog, we discuss many handy uses for custom paper bags, including the following.

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1. Shopping

The most obvious benefit is that you can use custom paper bags to transport shopping, and they can be just as strong and reliable as plastic when made by an experienced company.

2. Transporting Items

A business or individual could also use a custom printed bag as a way to transport items from one place to another. People have used plastic bags for this for a long time but things are now changing.

3. Promotion

Custom paper bags can be used by a company to advertise their brand with their company name and logo clearly printed on the bag.

4. Personalised Gift Bag

You could also create a personalised gift bag for someone to keep their presents in, on their birthday, for Christmas, an Anniversary or any other large event.

5. Gift Wrapping

Similarly, you could use a custom paper bag as gift wrapping which would work well for corporate gifts.

6. Serve Snacks

A custom paper bag could also be the perfect item for serving snacks at any party, film night or social event. They have a rustic look which can improve the aesthetic and you won’t have to do any washing up after the event.

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7. Collect Recycling

You could also use a paper bag as an item to collect recycling in – this is effective because you can also place the bag in the recycling once it is full.

Chat to Kikibag about Your Custom Paper Bag Needs

These are just 7 uses for custom paper bags but there are many more and switching from plastic is an important step to take for businesses and individuals alike. Get in touch with us to find out more or to order yours now!

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