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18th June 2019
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31st July 2019

You would be surprised (but we wouldn’t) what a difference a paper bag can make to a personal or corporate gift. In the corporate field, a branded bag adds a touch of class, a little injection of pizzazz that both make the brand look good and makes the recipient feel special.

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You need only search Instagram and Pinterest to see how a paper bag can take on a whole new dimension. At Kiki Bag, we believe that a well-chosen bag design, a touch of colour and branding – and you have something that people will want to keep forever. Of course, this is our business so we’re a bit biased, but we think you’ll agree once we take you through some gift bag designs of which we are particularly fond.

3 Bespoke Gift Bag Design Options

Kiki Bag carries three types of bag, which can be printed to suit any brand or occasion. Keep reading the blog to discover how our designs can amplify your brand’s message beautifully.

Our Telkom-Branded Soft-cord Handled Bags

For the telecoms giant, we supplied our soft-cord handled bag, monochrome in the company’s plain blue standard, with the well-known logo prominently displayed. We take extra special care with these bags because they are not finished by machine. Each bag is folded and fitted with its handle by hand.

Stuttafords Petersham Tape Satin Ribbon Handle Shopping Bags

We printed these classy-looking bags in black checkers with the branding in gold. Our satin ribbon bags are both beautiful and sturdy, and comfortable to carry. Customers can walk out of Stuttafords with that little touch of class to show off to fellow shoppers.

Cut-out Handle Bags for The Oyster Box

For Umhlanga’s most prestigious hotel, we printed their logo in white against a brilliant red background. Aside from the unmissable colouring of this branding, the bag design itself is made to ensure that the sides keep their shape when the item is being carried. This means that the design does not distort or get lost in any folds and wrinkles.

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Let’s Discuss Your Bespoke Paper Bag Needs Today!

All it takes is one of these designs and we can create an unforgettable customised gift bag for you and your brand. Contact us today and tell us what you have in mind.

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