5 Best Practices for Exhibiting Your Brand at an Expo
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14th May 2019
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5 Best Practices for Exhibiting Your Brand at an Expo

Expos can be an exciting and effective way to promote your brand to people who may be potential clients. The hardest part in exhibiting your brand at an expo is drawing people in to learn more about your product or service.

How to Promote Your Brand at an Expo

Luckily, Kiki Bag is well-informed on expos best practices to get your brand the attention it deserves. Keep reading to discover the 5 of the best tried-and-true practices for promoting your brand at an expo.

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1. Make Sure Your Display Table Stand Out in the Crowd

Decorate your display table! Something as simple as a tablecloth or some extra decorative pieces are extremely important, as the table is the area where anyone interested in your brand will approach to ask more. Ensure that your display table is neat, well presented and captivating. Try to find something that will catch the passerby’s eye and get them to stop.

2. Use Presentation Boards & Banners

If there is enough space at the venue and the expo will allow for it, make sure to erect a presentation board and some free-standing banners to really catch the crowds attention. A presentation board is an effective way of informing passersby on how they can benefit from using your service or product. Make sure you make it eye-catching, creative and features your company name and logo visibly on both presentation boards and banners.

3. Incorporate Technology

Technology is advancing and your brand should make use of that. One of the most effective and attention-grabbing presentations at any expo is an enticing slide show or video to display on TV screens at your stand. Passers-by will find this visually appealing and attention-grabbing. Ensure the content is effective in promoting whatever product/service you have on display.

4. Make Use of Giveaways

Having plenty of giveaways to hand out at the expo is a great idea as there is nothing people love more than free stuff. Pens, sweets, magnets, hats are all promotional giveaways people like. When you are giving out free gifts, people will be naturally drawn to your stand, especially if the freebie is something worth keeping.

5. Show Off Your Product

The best way to advertise is simply to show off your actual product. If possible, have displays, models or fully operational live display units to show your customers exactly what they are getting. If that is not possible then make sure to have an extensive portfolio of your work on display at the expo to give your potential customers a full rundown of what they can expect.

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Promote Your Brand with Kiki Bag

Kiki Bag wants to help you promote your brand at expos. Our recyclable, customisable paper bags are perfect for presenting your branded gifts in. Give your brand a head start with environmentally-friendly branded packaging; contact us today to place your order.

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