5 Great Tips for Networking at Parties
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5th June 2019
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5 Great Tips for Networking at Parties

Networking is an extremely important aspect of any business, as it provides opportunities for your business to grow and increase its popularity. Parties and events are a great environment to network your business, as the party atmosphere allows individuals to mingle in a comfortable environment, whilst promoting and improving their business by making new connections.

How to Network your Business at a Party

Kiki Bag has compiled top networking tips at parties to help you improve your brand. Keep reading as we uncover the 5 things to remember before attending a party which you will be networking at.

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1. It Takes Two

One of the most important things to remember, when networking with other individuals at an event, is to ensure both of you and other person are involved in conversation. Whenever you meet someone new, it is important to frequently ask about them and their business, even if you’ve already done your homework, do not sell your business throughout the conversation. If you make for an engaging and pleasant conversation, the person in conversation with you will not feel used as a pawn to enhance your business and will be more inclined to help you if they feel you are genuine.

2. Make the Effort to Mingle

When networking, it is important to have a wide choice of possible prospects with whom your business could possibly benefit from. There is only one way to do this; being social. Get out there and introduce yourself to as many people as possible, broaden your horizons and extend your contact list. It does not help to be shy, as you will miss out on many opportunities. Make a conscious effort to introduce yourself to as many people as possible and remain approachable; keep an open posture and don’t immerse yourself in your phone.

3. Follow-ups are Vital

Whether you are at an industry event or a fundraiser, parties are always very busy and can be overwhelming, especially when you are continually meeting new people. No matter how great your first introduction is, among the buzz and excitement of the night you may find yourself forgotten the next day. This is why it is so important that you exchange contact details or business cards and make it clear that you are interested in setting a future meeting to further discuss your business venture or plans.

4. Social Media is an Important Tool

One of the best things you can do to improve your networking is by using social media to your advantage. Attending an upcoming party or event? Use social media, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, to ensure you know as much information as possible about the people you may wish to network with, as well as their business and products Doing this ensures you are networking with the right people and eliminates the overwhelming moment when you first arrive an do not know where to begin, as you have already narrowed do your list of potential candidates. Also, ensure your business and products have a social media presence so that others are able to find you, in turn attracting more business.

5. Nurture & Maintain the Relationships Made

After spending your time Networking, you should have a contact list that’s overflowing. Now is the time to be a little picky, review them and make a choice between the contacts with whom you want to form a relationship, usually 5-10 business relationships are enough. When developing these relationships, you need to ensure there is proper communication and that these interactions are worth the time of both parties. After a relationship has been established, send a promotional gift from your business to show your appreciation of them.

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