Top 5 Favourite Recyclable Packaging Solutions
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17th August 2018
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13th September 2018

Top 5 Favourite Recyclable Packaging Solutions

The eco-friendly movement has had a dramatic impact on many industries as more and more people finally realise the weight of climate change and human exploitation of the planet. To keep up with maturing consumer expectations, many brands have implemented recyclable packaging solutions to mitigate the harmful effect of single-use plastics and contribute positively to the eco-friendly movement. In this blog, we want to highlight our top 5 favourite recyclable packaging solutions and a couple companies that are stepping up to the plate.

Reusable Shopping Bags from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Shopping bags are wreaking havoc across the globe as they endanger of the lives of all manner of wildlife. This plastic pollutant is, fortunately, being phased out of a lot of major grocery stores in order to discourage single-use plastic and careless shopping habits. One company in particular, Living Eco, has produced a series of beautiful shopping bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles in an effort to go green and encourage their shoppers to be more environmentally conscious.

Biodegradable Gardening Pots

One may easily underestimate the amount of plastic involved in the process of shopping at a nursery. The plants you pick for your front garden typically come in plastic containers which are quickly discarded without a second thought, but these still contribute to single-use plastic and pollution! Biodegradable pots can be planted directly into the earth with no waste whatsoever. Seeds for Africa make Jiffy Peat Pots that are fully biodegradable and contribute to an eco-friendly mindset.

Beers with Biodegradable Six-Pack Rings

US-based microbrewery Saltwater Brewery has taken the eco-friendly movement to heart and implemented recyclable packaging solutions in their company. This company has decided to reduce the harmful six-pack rings that strangle many kinds of wildlife with a barley and wheat alternative that is totally biodegradable. We commend them for their recyclable packaging solutions!

A Local Skincare Brand with a Conscience

South African skincare brand Oh Lief was created with the goal of delivering skincare that is good for the skin and the environment. Their range of body and baby products are natural, organic and are delivered in recyclable packaging to boot.

Branded Paper Shopping Bags: Recyclable, Biodegradable, Sustainable

Kiki Bag manufactures 100% biodegradable and recyclable paper shopping bags that are customised with your branding to create an eco-friendly marketing solution. We create our shopping bags from renewable resources so that we don’t negatively impact the earth. You can learn more about our recyclable packaging solutions here so that you, too, can contribute to the eco-friendly movement. Contact us to enquire about our services and how we can tailor them to suit your needs!

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