5 Tips for Assembling the Ultimate Goodie Bag
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5 Tips for Assembling the Ultimate Goodie Bag

At Kiki Bag, we believe that goodie bags are great marketing tools, but far too many people don’t put the effort or investment in them that they should. They could offer true value to potential customers or long standing clients, and yet businesses fill them with cheap trinkets that end up in the bin before the event is even over.

Do you want your branding to find a place in their home? Would you like to offer value and grow a relationship with conference attendees? If you answered, ‘yes,’ then you assemble the ultimate goodie bag.

Know Your Audience

First things first, you need to know the audience these goodie bags will be going to. A goodie bag can be used to really add some oomph to a sale in-store, or it can give event or conference attendees something to take home. Know the audience and their expectations so that you can exceed them.

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How to Assemble the Perfect Goodie Bag

If you are wondering how to assemble the perfect goodie bag, follow these tips:

1. Start with a Custom Bag

Your efforts should begin with the bag itself. It is what people at the conference or event will see when your attendees walk by, and therefore it can be instrumental in bringing more people to your booth.

A custom bag that is eye-catching, good-looking, and represents your values is your first step. You can design your custom, eco-friendly bag with us and have enough printed for your next big event. Carry on, and you can even drop plastic bags altogether and adopt a more eco-friendly mindset.

2. Try to Be Eco-Friendly

This emphasis on eco-friendly isn’t just for show. People have become very aware of how bad the environment has become due to modern living, thanks to the lockdown. If you want to attract customers and clients, you need to redesign your business model. You don’t have to have it perfect right off the bat, but just take continuous steps towards a sustainable and ideally circular business model.

Showcase these efforts in brochures and in the goodies in your already eco-friendly goodie-bag, and you can entice more customers who want to vote better with their money.

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3. Try to Offer Real Value

Offer real value. Instead of buying cheap shirts and putting your large logo on the front, work with an artist to incorporate your business in a t-shirt that people are actually going to wear. Done right, you could even make a cult item.

The same applies to any other of your goodies. You want people to see your brand and show your brand to others? It needs to be something they use daily.

4. Work with Other Brands for Better Goodie Bags

Sponsorships are a great way to beef up your goodie bag without adding to the cost. See if a local sweet brand or drink company will be happy to sponsor your event with free merchandise from your goodie bag. It could even contain a coupon for your sponsor, so you both see benefits.

5. Inform Your Audience

Add real information. This could be a brochure, or it could be a download link key to an industry report that you created for the event guests. Information is power, so use it wisely.

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