3 Reasons Shoppers Prefer Paper Bags over Plastic
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4th June 2020
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8th July 2020

3 Reasons Shoppers Prefer Paper Bags over Plastic

Investigating the various options available in terms of your product packaging and in-store bags is a task that requires plenty of thought. This is especially true in today’s world where sustainability is key. Research has shown that customers feel an instant sense of loyalty towards a brand that demonstrates a genuine concern for the environment and places an emphasis on reducing its carbon footprint, something that is very important to us at Kiki Bag.

Shoppers Prefer Paper Bags Over Plastic Bags

As such, it is unsurprising to discover that shoppers prefer paper bags over plastic. Also, there are many benefits over and above that for paper bags that can be found on our blog. Here are three reasons why shoppers prefer paper bags over plastic bags.

Benefit of Paper Bags over Plastic Bags #1: They are more eco-friendly

One of the main benefits of paper bags over plastic bags is that paper is endlessly easier to recycle, and tends to have a longer lifespan overall. This means they are likely to be reused more frequently and for a longer period than their plastic counterparts. The secret is to invest in high-quality paper bags that promise increased durability. The stronger and sturdier they are, the more times they can be used following a customer’s original purchase.

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Benefit of Paper Bags over Plastic Bags #2: They are more attractive

The first thing that usually comes to mind when a shopper sees a plastic bag is ‘cheap’ and ‘boring’. If your goal is to convince shoppers that you stock quality, elite products, placing a purchase inside a plastic bag probably won’t send out the right message. On the contrary, if you hand it to them in a beautifully designed, branded paper bag, you instantly give your products that ‘exclusive’ high-status feel. Plus, a branded paper bag acts as a wonderful on-the-go advertising opportunity, too.

Benefit of Paper Bags over Plastic Bags #3: They make shoppers feel special

Shoppers feel special and cared for when they are presented with a pretty paper bag in which to carry their hard-earned purchase. They spent a lot of money on one of your products, after all, and a paper bag can make them feel appreciated and acknowledged for doing business with you.

Get Your Paper Bags from Kiki Bag

If you are looking for a supplier of bulk branded paper bags for your store, look no further than Kiki Bag. We specialise in paper bags ideal for everyday use inside your shop, as well as stylish paper bags for events, product launches, and more. We manufacture these bags according to your unique specifications and offer a wide selection of types and finishes from which to choose.

Our branded soft cord handle paper bags can be hand-made or machine-made and promise a stunning, refined finish – which is why they are so popular amongst our clients when it comes to product launches specifically.

We also specialise in branded petersham tape satin ribbon handle bags. These bags are gorgeous and the perfect choice for a shopping bag that is certain to make customers feel special.
If you are in search of something minimalistic, you can’t go wrong with our branded cut out handle paper bags. They are sturdy due to a reinforced handle, and are ultra-reusable, giving them extra ‘green’ points.

Ultimately, when it comes to bespoke, branded paper packaging, Kiki Bag has got you covered. For more information about our options or to place an order, do not hesitate to get in touch today!

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