What Makes Paper Bags Ideal Functional Branding Material
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What Makes Paper Bags Ideal Functional Branding Material

What Makes Paper Bags Ideal Functional Branding Material

Kiki Bag exists because while plastic bags are now in decline due to their negative impact on the environment, many businesses are now looking towards using paper bags in order to help their customers’ transport goods and to create the perfect branding material.

4 Reasons to Love Custom Paper Bag

Keep reading our blog to find out why paper bags are the right option when choosing branding mechanisms for your company.

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Pro #1. Paper Bags are Reusable

Paper bags are highly reusable, and the stronger ones will allow customers to transport goods in poor weather. Your bag has the potential to be used by customers long after their original purchase, allowing your paper bag to be seen by more individuals for a longer period of time. This is better than single-use plastic bags, where they will only be seen by others on the day of the customer’s purchase.

They are also incredibly multi-purpose, meaning that people can use them for a range of different activities, such as shopping and carrying personal possessions, meaning that you have a larger chance of drawing the attention of a passer-by.

Pro #2. Paper Bags Provide Added Visibility

Paper bags allow you to stay visible in your town and beyond. Creating a paper bag gives you the opportunity to design an instantly recognisable bag that will influence members of the public to visit your store, whether they are looking for the products that you sell in the area or are searching for your company specifically.

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To find paper bags that suit your company’s message, we have a wide range of different paper bags to reflect your business’s branding.

Pro #3. Paper Bags are Great for Information Sharing

Paper bags also make functional branding material by giving you the chance to share important information about your company with members of the public. You do not only have to add your logo to paper bags, but can also state information about your social media platforms, your phone number, or your website, which can lead more people to research your company.

Pro #4. Paper Bags are Recyclable

What’s more, now more and more people are looking to invest in companies that they know have moral ethics and a positive effect on the environment. By using paper bags rather than plastic ones, you are advertising that your company is aware of climate change and are taking steps to become more eco-friendly, in line with your competition.

Chat to Us About Ordering Your Green Custom Packaging Today

If eco-friendly initiatives matter to you and your brand, then Kiki Bag’s custom paper packaging is right up your alley. Be sure to contact us to find out how to order yours without delay.

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